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College personal Essay help.

I graduated high school in '09 and decided to take a gap year off before going to college for personal reasons. So now I'm pretty much through with my college process and finalizing everything. I need to get my personal essay in soon but my problem is that I don't have anyone to proofread it for me now for grammar errors or spelling errors. I've done as much as I could on my own, but not being in high school anymore with teachers who can proof-read it has made it a lot more difficult. I also don't really know anyone who's good at English to maybe finalize it for me. Maybe tell me where it could be stronger or fix sentence structure errors.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to proof-read my personal statement for me. Correct grammar, spelling, anything that can be stronger. Also what kind of heading do colleges expect on a personal statement if any? Should I double space? It's only supposed to be 250 minimum words so I don't know. If this isn't acceptable here than please tell me and I'll remove it but I would like as much feedback on it as possible.

Thanks so much, and I've added my essay behind the cut. You can respond in a post or contact me through email if that's be better for anyone.

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I need help with my English work, well it's not really work we've just all been given an extract of Duchess Of Malfi to 'translate' and I'm having trouble with my section.

I need almost a word-for-word 'translation' of these few desctiptions of the madmen from Act IV Scene II:

"an English tailor, craz'd i'th' brain
With the study of new fashion;

"a gentleman usher,
Quite beside himself with care to keep in mind
The number of his lady's salutations,
Or "How do you," she employ'd him in each morning;

"And let one broker that's mad loose to these,
You'd think the devil were among them.

And then the Duchess says:
"Let them loose when you please,
For I am chain'd to endure all your tyranny.

I'm sorry for basically asking you to do my (fairly easy) work, it's just that we're being made to tell it to the class and that makes me nervous enough so I'd just really like to know that what I'm saying is right!

Thank you so much for any help!


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Could anyone help me interpret/put a simpler meaning to this section of a poem? The whole poem is 'Crystal Night' by Lyn Lifshin, about Kristallnacht during the Holocaust.

windows slashed
like skin pulled
tight frozen with a stone slammed thru
it smashed blue

glass crystal a whole lake of ice
a plane crashes
into smashed tea cups



i need help finding conservational programmes about:

protecting food chains
protecting human food supply
bentfiting the local  culture of people

i have already searched though pages andpages on google and found nothing

Please please please help

I am in so much trouble and I've never come down to this but I am BEGGING someone to help me with these two problems that I have for my chemistry homework.

A student mixes 0.400 L of 0.5M HCl with 0.250 L of 1.00 M NaOH. What would the Molar concentration of NaCl of the new solution be? What would the pH of the new solution be? If the solution were diluted 10-fold (to 5.75 L) what would the pH be?                
         I did this: 

Moles HCl = (Moles of HCl/Liter of HCl solution) X Volume HCl solution

      (0.5moles of HCl/1 liter of HCl) X 0.400 L HCl solution

      1.25 moles of HCl
But I have no idea if I'm evenon the right track....

The other problem that I have is:

Calculate the energy released (using bond energies) from 155 g of hexenoic acid


C-C     345 kJ/mol

C=C    615 kJ/mol

C-H     415 kJ/mol

C-O     360 kJ/mol

C=O    805 kJ/mol   (For carbon dioxide)

C=O    750 kJ/mol   (For everything else)

O-H     460 kJ/mol

O=O    494 kJ/mol

I found that 155g of Hexenoic Acid is equal to 2.418 moles, but I don't know where to go from here? Do I just put kJ/2.418 and then divide?

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Could somebody please help me, it's been years since I've taken a math course. I know to cross multiply and use logarithms, but I don't remember how and the steps get messy on me.

(-.107)/(40^x) = (-.137)/(20^x)

If anybody can help me with this I'd really appreciate it, thank you :)