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The way you wi$h you could live

The New Hot Spot for ICONS

Holly Wood Icons *the new Hot Icon Spot*
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

                                                     Welcome to Hollywood icons

                                                    Anyone can join, but make sure that you

                                                   ALWAYS credit the icons in this community

                                                   to whom they belong too

                                                   If  we catch you not crediting, we will bann you

                                                   From this community. It's polite to credit and

                                                   the icons took a lot of time and work, so please

                                                  credit. If you do not know how to credit, do not join

                                                   this community.

                                                  Follow the directions of each persons post please!

                                                  If you'd like to post icons for the community, please

                                                  Click Here and show me the work you can do!


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