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Hi everyone. So nothing seems to be happening here, which is really sad, because it was good fun while it lasted. I feel guilty being the Fan-fic mistress and being far to busy being an exchange student to do anything towards reviving this community. So thanks everyone. But I'm going to have to leave.

Best of luck with everything everyone.

Hufflepuff/ Fanfic Mistress
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I've driven this community into the ground. If someone else would like the head position, apply here.

How long you've been here:

I'll choose by the end of the week.
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I'm extremely disappointed in myself and every house, but hufflepuff. And Still, there's only one student who's been active as all hell, and voting on every single application.

I find that discouraging. I'm disappointed because I've seen MAYBE seven members active.

I'm finding that maybe we should start this community over and just wipe everyone out, except the few that have sorted people.

If you disagree, show me by voting on the applications that are up and still need votes.

If you agree, show me by telling me here on this post. I'm not going to friend this. There is no point any longer.

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Hey All!!

I just sorted quite a few students. I'd like to welcome them all!!

Theres still a few that need to be sorted.


I trust everyone is well. I plan to have classes and quidditch start next week. Everyone has a two week holiday. Those who have not seen my previous posts, please read them.

Students; If you know of another student that has not yet seen my posts, please direct them this way!


Have a great holiday!!!

Headmistress Amanda
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Hello All!!

Sorry I've been so silent, but I have been busy what with my school being on Holiday.

I'd like to take this chance to bring up a few points.

1) A new Term. I would like to start a new year actually starting December 1st, 2005. Is anyone objecting to this?
2) Is there a graphics person? If so, please contact me ASAP at my AIM sn, SweetLemonSugar.
3) Quidditch. With a new headmistress and what not, for this moment, I'd like to postpone Quidditch until the new year. Questions?
4) Points. I plan to annouce the winner of the House cup by thursday.

Welp, if theres anyone questions, you now have my screenname. My email address is

Hopefully, this community will continue to Florish!


Have a great Night!

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Hey guys!

Turns out that I am now your official headmistress.

Everything will be turned over to me as soon as our former has time.

She apologizes for just up and leaving the community. But it had to be done. After all she's only a sophomore in High school (year ten). That is one of the hardest years.

So, I'm going to put up a contest ( ending date : Jan. 2nd 2006 )

The person who gets the most people to join and get accepted win one hudred and fifty points.


Headmistress Amanda