Taking Requests...

Special thank you to dysprosium for letting me take over _hockey_cards_ .  I will now open requests for new cards.

When requesting, please make a NEW post; do not post them in here.

*Player Info
Jersey Number:
Current Team:
Year Drafted:
Status: (active/retired)

* You can also send me a direct link to the players page on NHL.com, which contains all of the information above.

Please include a picture of the player.

Make sure you provide everything stated above. I will ignore any posts that don't include what I need!

If you want a card for a player that isn't in the NHL, you MUST include the team's logo in your post.


This post is here for people who want a card that has already been created. I figured it would conserve your time as you won't need to fill out a new post. I do ask, however, that you comment to say which card you will be using. This way, I can add your name to the card ownership section in the user info. Remember, only three people can use the same card! Once a card's limit has been reached, I will remove it from this post. Remember to place the following beneath your card(s):

<font size="1">get yours at <lj comm="_hockey_cards_">


Teams included:

  • Anaheim Mighty Ducks
  • Atlanta Thrashers
  • Boston Bruins
  • Calgary Flames
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Dallas Stars
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • New Jersey Devils
  • New York Rangers
  • New York Islanders
  • Ottawa Senators
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • Phoenix Coyotes
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • San Jose Sharks
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Vancouver Canucks

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    Teams included:

  • Calgary Hitmen
  • Cape Breton Screaming Eagles
  • Klagenfurter Athletiksport-club
  • Rimouski Oceanic
  • St. Michael's Majors
  • TPS Turku
  • Trenton Titans
  • University of Wisconsin Badgers
  • Winnipeg Jets

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    Taking Requests...

    If you'd like to have your own virtual hockey card, simply make a new post that correctly contains the following information: (please only request one card per week!)

    Player Info *
    Jersey Number:
    Current Team: (NHL preferably)
    Shoots**: (left handed/right handed)
    Year Drafted:
    Status: (active/retired)

    * If you have a URL that contains the above information, just give me that instead.
    ** If player is a goaltender, simply give the hand that he prefers to catch with. (A suggestion by hockey_girl!)

    Player Image: (eg. "http://www.yourfavteam.com/player.jpg")


    Check the current list of cards in the community info. If you want a player that is featured there, please click here.

    Make sure your information is accurate. For player info, you can go to NHLPA.com or do a Google search.

    If you want a card for a player that isn't in the NHL, you MUST include the team's logo in your post.