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_hmm's Journal

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Gender Blur
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A community that celebrates gender difference in all its forms.

Heed the words of Adam Ant when posting and commenting here:
"Respect yourself and all of those around you."
alan cumming, ambiguity, androgynes, androgynous, androgyny, annie lennox, being fabulous, binding, birls, bisexuality, body hair, boi, boy dykes, boy george, boyish girls, boys, bras, breasts, brian molko, butches, buxom folk, charlie anders, cindy sherman, common ground, corsets, counterculture, del lagrace volcano, differences, divine, drag, drag kings, drag queens, dykes, eddie izzard, effeminate masculinity, estrogen, eyebrows, facial hair, fags, feminine masculinity, feminine men, femininity, feminism, feminist, femme militia, femmes, flat chests, ftm, full chests, gender, gender ambiguity, gender as illusion, gender cues, gender euphoria, gender freedom, gender neutral, gender roles, gender theory, gender ≠ sex, genderfuck, genderplay, genderqueer, genderqueers, girlfags, girlish boys, girls, girly boys, glam, grrl, harry dodge, harvey firestein, hedwig, heterosexuality, homosexuality, hormones, hugs, jaye davidson, joan jett, john cameron mitchell, kate bornstein, legs, leslie feinberg, liberation, lingerie, long hair, love, lyle ashton harris, makeup, making love, margaret cho, marilyn manson, masculine effeminacy, masculine femininity, masculine women, masculinity, men, mercureality, michelle rodriguez, mistress formika, mtf, multicultural, multiculturalism, not passing, not shaving, packing, painted nails, pansexuality, pants, passing, patti smith, peace, pinups, pj harvey, queer theory, queers, radical faeries, reincarnation, respect, s/he, scruff, self-acceptance, sex, sex ≠ gender, sexuality, shane, shaving, short hair, similarities, sissies, skirts, slacks, straight but not narrow, switch, testosterone, ties, tissue paper, tomboys, transgender, transsexuals, twin souls, two-spirit, variety, visibility, women, yasumasa morimura, ze, zir

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