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(Melbourne, Australia) ToilArt project update... x-posted

Hi all,

We just thought we’d send out a reminder about ToilArt (, a project connected to TMGP ( The ToilArt Project is dedicated to mapping gender neutral, unisex and accessible toilets and bathrooms around Melbourne, and we strongly believe that everyone, regardless of gender identification, presentation or ability has the right to access safe and dignified bathroom facilities without fear of harassment, judgement or violence.

This year we have continued to work on the ToilArt map ( and the ToilArt website (, which a number of us feel quite passionate about. The website is still very much under construction, but the map lists over 80 bathrooms that are gender neutral, unisex and/or wheelchair accessible, and is a fantastic resource for people looking for venues in which they are able to access the bathrooms, are less likely to be harassed, and will not feel uncomfortable having to choose which toilet to use.

The map is being created through monthly-ish surveys of particular streets (we’ve done the major parts of Lygon St, Brunswick St, and are now working on Smith St), but also – just as importantly – through submissions to the map by other people.

So, if you know of a venue that has a gender neutral, unisex and/or wheelchair
accessible toilet available for customers, clients or the general public, please
visit and fill in the form!

Over the last year we’ve also had the pleasure of working with a number of artists, including Jacqui Brown, who put together a photography exhibition for Midsumma around the topic of gender neutral toilets. Images from that exhibition will soon be up on the website, so check back in a week or so.

If you’re interested in getting involved with ToilArt, you can email me offlist, or
drop a line to toilartproject [at] gmail [dot] com , and we’ll be in touch!



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