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Hai Pplz!

It's been a while, right? Humanyouth speaking. If you don't remember me, I'm my hicksville county's token bio-female genderfucker.

Where'd this community go? Hellooo? Come back! We're all still out there with our closets full of conflicting clothes, aren't we?

Anyway, somehow I've managed to avoid thinking about gender for a long time. (Maybe you have, too, and that would explain the dearth of activity.) Perhaps this out-of-sight-out-of-mind gender mentality is protective, since every time ANYBODY says anything pertaining to their, my, or anyone's gender--or especially gender IN GENERAL (ugh)--it hurts me. Out here it's like an ocean of misconceptions and generalizations and no island of open-mindedness in sight, and I guess I'm tired of swimming in this gigantic simile.

So, lately, for protection, I've dissociated myself from gender, to the best of my ability. It numbs the daily deep hurt of having something WRONG with the way I am. Anyway, during this period of dissociation, which has lasted on-and-off for about eight months, my hair has grown. A very natural thing for hair to do, I suppose.  I don't mind it much. Soon it will be ponytailable, and I'll never have to worry/style/see/care about it again. Bleh, hair.

THE POINT OF THIS ENTRY, MY REASON FOR CREATING IT: My hair is eight inches long and I STILL PASS AS MALE! If that's not a sign from god, I'm not sure what is. Thank you momma for my square face.

Keep it real, humans, and keep this group active, for Bowie's sake! We're still here for each other, right? Peace!

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