Emoboi (releasetheboi) wrote in _hmm,

The Subject of bi gendered

Hi folks.
Recently I have been pondering the question of bi gender ism, I am sure some of you have as well.

 I have been dead set that I was in the ftm spectrum as I am in transition from what to what...who knows (to me ftm means many things not just for transsexuals but many people who need to make lifelong changes socially, physically, mentally in order to be healthy more whole and at peace with their inner self.

 So, I have been realizing more any more how I change depending on the day, the situatio0n maybe my mood. No I am not crazy or suffering from multiple personalties.

 I was going to settle in the third gendered butch area even though butch as a whole I am not was/am considering hormones, but now maybe I

 The fact is gendered are so incredibly confusing one upon knowing whats about their pout together their gender identity, expression, and so on.

 We have to face I think more people, given the opportunity can have a continuum and adapt to different situations. As social beings, we can be more than one tink , most people who are so rigid are not just angry and misunderstood, and I am firmly beginning to beleive in bi gendered.

 One day I am more "female" in that relating to another in those things we can call looking into a comrads eyes, chatting, smiling, etc- without feeling vulberable.I can even deal with what I;Ive hated, or been prone to detest my small waist, smooth skin, maybe it is in my head. Other times, I talk in my lower voice, don't make eye contact, am more serious and independent (a male thing).  Personally although I am not 'in between' female and male- I am traditional, strong, independent, don't like to cry, but I acknowledge the fluidity of my gender, just need to put all the pieces together
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