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More of my story

Title: The After Taste of love
Author: Me (Falldownnight)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary:Part three, i dont know what to say really so just read it.

He looked down at her and perked an eyebrow "...well, that was bold." He shook his head and smiled at her. "I am a vampire of sorts."
"Of sorts?? And what does that mean??"
Raven sat down and looked up at him. He laughed again and sat down next to her.
"It means that I can be a vampire, and I can be something else...” He looked over at her and sighed "I am immortal, sometimes I drink blood. I don’t fear the sun light if I drink blood. I am also a soul collector of sorts. I go to funerals of the most prestigious people, and as they're souls separate form there bodies...I eat them. After I....take them into me, I go to the home of whoever hired me and hand them over."
He looked over at Raven to find her lying back in the grass. He joined her and smiled as she looked over.
"So, you drink blood and eat souls...so THAT'S why you’re so trim!!" They both laughed.

"That why I saw you...you are a sprit of...sorts"

"You like saying the word sorts don’t you??"
They both laughed again, and she sighed suddenly.

He looked over at her, leaning on his elbow "What troubles you??" With a sideways look from Raven, he said “I know we’ve just met but im interested in what could trouble someone so beautiful as yourself…”

She leaned on her elbow facing him and smiled gently "Why did you want to talk to me?? Did you think I was one of the souls that you were to eat??" Her voice shook a little.

"No...I don’t see many new sprits like you. If I had wanted to eat you, love, you'd be gone..."
He tried not to sound harsh or intent, she was already frightened out of her mind.

Her eyes began to turn into a pool of black. He jumped on her immediately, holding her down by her shoulders. At first she protested, but as soon as her body started to quiver, she had no interest in stopping him. He knew what she was going through. When a person is completely ripped from there body, the bodies them self should be dead. In her case, there were signs that her body was still living when her soul left it.

Doing it this way is both painful and risky. The soul will try and go back into the dying body (actually, after the soul leaves, the body, its self can live for over 5 hrs.). Her soul, he guessed, hadn't been out of the body for more then an hour or two. This was bad for her. If the body died too quickly, the soul would not have time to properly build up a defense. The body would try and pull the soul back into it, to die along with it. Her soul was young, and being pulled extremely hard.

Her soul (or as I will now call it, "body") was shaking and going into fits of cold sweats. The poor girl was lying there, feeling everything.

"Hold on girl...hold on, it'll be over soon...”

He held her down so she wouldn't hurt herself as she convulsed. He tried not to hurt her, his strength was unmatched. He could easily crush her, killing her right there.

She mouthed something to him. He knelt down close and heard her whisper "...Raven...my name's Raven...”
He raised his head and smiled at her, trying not to hurt her. The shakes died down slowly, leaving him on top of her, as she lay there out of breathe and weak. Raven looked up at him, tears forming in her eyes. She noticed that he was also shaking. She didn’t think before she reacted, but it was too late. Raven sat up and wrapped her arms around his side, crying on his shoulder. The man was shocked and startled at first, but after a few minutes, his arms were around her, his chin resting on her head.

"It's okay...it’s over now...I think...”

He held her close for a minute, but felt something within her starting to shake again. She let go of him and looked into his eyes. Raven's eyes were full of pain and fear. He hoped off of her and picked her up, lifting her easily onto her feet.
"I don’t know what’s happening to you...this is"
He stopped and looked down at her stomach. It was oozing a purple powder. He knelt down and lifted her shirt, revealing a stab mark. He looked back up at her and stood instantly
"You...someone tried to kill you...oh man...this makes things...harder" He stood up and picked her up, sweeping her up into his arms.

"Woah...wait a minute...harder?? I don’t even know what in hell's going on now, and you’re telling me its going to get HARDER??!! Where are you taking me??" Her eyes darted around as he walked with ease.

"Im taking you to my home, I may be able to stop this...but im going to have to change you...”
He stopped walking and looked at her, his eyes dead serious.

"Change me...into a vampire??!! Wait...stop what?? What the hell's going on!!??" She tried to get down, but he held her tightly.

"You're body is dying, and trying to pull your soul into it. If I don’t change you, your soul will be pulled into your dead body, and therefore, be dead also...” He smiled gently at her "My home isn't far away, take this time to decide if-"

She cut him off "Decide if I wanna die or not?? I...guess...if it's the only way, and then change me...” She smiled gently and looked down.

Raven was scared, no other way to put it. He knew that it hurt her, every minute... He leaned over and kissed her neck, which got her attention immediately.

"Do not fear this Raven, I will be there with you...I'll explain everything as it happens okay?"

He smiled gently, trying to get her to hope. She smiled back weakly, but then returned to looking down.

The walk to his house didn’t take more then a half an hour. Raven had fallen asleep in his arms, her head gently resting on his chest. He wished that he could produce a heart beat for her, maybe that would have calmed her down, but it was too late now.

He stopped and stared at his home. It was a rather old building, with arches covering the old porch. Raven awoke and looked up at him, her eyes still closed some. He smiled warmly at her and walked up his old stairs, each one creaking as he stepped on it. The door to his home was painted a rather dull grey, along with the outside trim. As he stepped into the house, the lights went on instantly, revealing one huge room, lit with only candles.

Raven opened her eyes again and smiled. The walls were painted a very light and reflecting blue, the ceilings a pale yellow. He looked over and admired how the candle light lit her face up. She looked up and smiled, bringing him back to reality and the time limit that he had to help her.
He let her down, still holding onto her arm. He motioned over for her to sit down on the couch. Raven complied and sat down, still surveying the room. The man knelt down and gave her a warm smile.

"I'm going to set up the bed and items needed for your transformation okay?"

She nodded and smiled at him. Her smile reminded him of his mothers, warm and caring. He walked over to the opposite wall and lit some candles.

Raven continued to look around until a wave of pain brought a scream out of her mouth, causing him to drop the candle and run to her side. He knelt by her hunched over body, and lifted her head. Raven's face was twisted in pain; the transformation would have to happen now. He picked her up instantly and carried her over to the concrete slab, laying her down gently. He finished lighting the candles, chanting as he lit them.

Her face was still twisted in pain. It was getting worse; her body was dying too quickly. He stopped lighting the candles and chanting, ran over to her and sat down, looking into her eyes.

"Raven...listen to me. I don’t have time to do it this way...the only way to do this... is the old fashion way…our blood will have to mix in your body and mine."
He watched her eyes grown in horror. He leaned down and kissed her lips gently and smiled "I won’t let you die, raven I promise...”

Raven looked horrified and nodded reluctant. She was afraid of this, the fear of dying, of pain. It seemed like forever before he put a pillow under her head. The man, still not knowing his name, took his shirt off and made a small gash on his chest. His blood started to trickle out of it slowly. He leaned over her and brushed her long black hair away from her neck. Her body quivered. This was it, if he messed up. She was...going to die twice.

His fangs grew, and became visible to Raven. She whimpered in horror, but lay very still. He knelt down close to her neck and whispered into her ear

"...Rannon...my name is Rannon...” And with that, he bit down into her neck.
She trembled as his fangs went deeply into her neck. Raven tried not to move, but her body had a mind of its own. Rannon's hand slowly rose to her neck, steading her body. Rannon sucked on her skin, drawing out as much blood as quickly as he could. Raven's body began to quiver, as another wave of "Dying pains" rushed over her. The poor girl had to deal with being drained and death pains.

Rannon continued to suck her blood out, carefully making sure that she had enough in her to keep her conscious. He stopped and sat up, her blood dripping from his chin. Raven looked at him and gasped in horror. Rannon whipped his chin and picked her head up.

"Raven...I need you to drink...this is complete it...”

He smiled at her gently, although he knew that a smile wouldn’t help the pain or her horror. To his surprise, she complied immediately, (for most people, you need to persuade them to bite into you), sucking the blood from the gash in his chest instantly. He could feel her draining him of his blood, and the feeling was that of pain. Raven stopped after a minute and went limp, her eyes still open. He shook his head gently and lifted her head back up, trying to get her to blink or do anything. She was still alive, but probably going through her transformation.
He held her close for a minute before she started to gasp. This was completely normal; she now had to learn how to breathe again. Raven's mouth gaped open as her lungs took in air, and tried to speak. Rannon leaned in closer, but she didn’t really make a sound. He dropped her head gently back onto the pillow and smiled as she went to sleep. The sleeping part was normal; she would wake in an hour or so, completely changed.

Two hours had passed, and Rannon still sat next to Raven. She hadn't moved or awaken sense he changed her. Rannon worried about her, if he drained her too much, she would die within a day or two. All of this would have done nothing to save or help her...All that would have been done was just caused her more pain.

The sun came up and poured through the holes in his drapes. Raven’s eyes were still shut, and her body still lay unchanged. Rannon sat up slowly, his eye lids still felt like lead. His body screamed for more rest, but he could not let any more time pass where Raven wasn’t being watched.

He stood slowly, stretching out his arms and legs, each bone cracking in rhythm. He looked over at Raven once more, just to see if anything about her had changed, but she was still the same. When people go through his transformation, many different things can change about them. Rannon couldn’t help but wonder what part of her would change.

He walked over to one of the windows and pushed the drape aside. The sun’s first rays poured onto his face and bare chest. Rannon closed his eyes and sighed, the warmth feeling like a distant memory.

Raven sat up slowly and blinked her eyes for a minute. She looked around and smiled, the room looked normal. Nothing was twisted out of shape, and nothing was screaming out at her. She fought to get any memory from last night, but her mind was blank. Her hand brushed over her neck, and she rubbed his teeth marks gently. She looked over to where the sun light was coming from and smiled, as she watched Rannon stand there with his back to her. He was a very handsome man, not a thing at all.

She swung her legs over the side of the pillar. Her feet touched the ground gently and felt the cold floor beneath them. Raven stood slowly and looked down, noticing that all she wore now was a huge men’s button-up shirt. She wondered for a minute how she got into the shirt, but sighed gently. Her jeans and shirt were folded in a corner. Raven’s skin began to tingle suddenly. She looked down and watched her once tan skin turn into a very beautiful shade of ivory. Her fingernails grew out to normal length, and her fingers grew, making them very slender.

Raven looked up at Rannon and went to say something, but her throat was dry. She lifted her fingers to her head and gasped. Her once straight black hair was now wavy. She took a strand of it and pulled it in front of her face, RED!! She had red hair, red as blood. Raven looked up and saw herself in the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. Her reflection was fading, but what she could see amazed her. Her hair was down to the middle of her back now, and her eyes were no longer the dull green they once were, oh no, her eyes were now a stunning mix of deep blue and pale red. The colors mixed together to create a shiny purple, with a hue of blue. Rannon had changed her more then she thought.

Every inch of her crawled, her legs becoming skinnier and gained tone; her stomach flattened out, and yes, even her “chest size” grew. She was a new woman. Raven smiled as she crept up behind Rannon. She wrapped her arms around his sides. Rannon jumped instantly and looked behind him. To his amazement, there stood a beautiful, yet changed Raven. He smiled

“Uhh…do I know you beautiful??” He smiled gently and laughed “Im kidding. Wow Raven, I didn’t think you would change that much…you look…” He shook his head gently.

“Well… im going to take that as a compliment.” She let go of his side and did a spin for him “I didn’t think I would become this different...” She stopped spinning and walked over in front of him.

“You’re welcome love…”

Rannon smiled at her and pulled her close. Her eyes shined a new sense of pride, a kind of pride that Rannon missed.

“So...Rannon...I like that name...” She smirked at him and nudged him in the stomach gently. “But now my name does not fit...” She pulled a strand of her hair down in front of her face.

Rannon smiled “I must agree…” He took her hand in his and smiled, kissing her palm gently “You deserve a name that means beauty...” Raven blushed and cupped his chin in her hand. Rannon smiled again and pulled her close, leaning in close. “You shall be called Henna.”

Raven smiled “Henna…”

She nodded gently and smiled, leaning in the rest of the way. There lips met for an instant, but that instant felt like forever. She pulled away first and grinned at him playfully

“And…Uhh how EXACTLY did I get into this shirt last night??” Rannon chuckled and sat down in the chair next to him.

“After you had fallen asleep, I was afraid that your clothes would bind your growth, so I had to...” He grinned again and looked down bashfully.

Henna sat down on the floor next to him, leaning her back on his leg. Rannon leaned forward and stroked her hair gently. He missed this; the love that he felt from her was something that he hadn’t felt for a while. She looked up at him and smiled, turning to face him happily.

The question that was in her eyes was one that wasn’t easily answered. He thought for a minute and sighed.

“I don’t know… I really don’t. After you are turned, usually… you get hungry for your first taste…”

He stopped and leaned back, his hand falling off of her head. He didn’t have to finish, Henna knew exactly what he was saying.

Blood... Her stomach made a noise at the thought of it. She turned around and shook her head, repulsed at the idea of drinking someone’s blood. Her brain was indeed, sickened by that notion, but her stomach grew hungry. Rannon could sense this. He leaned down and smiled, kissing her neck gently.

Henna looked over at him and smiled weakly. Rannon grinned.

“Come here you…”

Rannon wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up into his lap, stroking her stomach gently.

“I know…what you’re feeling, Henna…” He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face to meet his “But it’s something that you must do.”

Rannon looked into her eyes and smiled. Henna’s face reflected deep thought.

“It was true”, Rannon thought, “she must drink, but from the best person. She will not be bound to some ignorant ass, which will do nothing but endanger her. I will not let this be…”

His thoughts her interrupted when Henna leaned close and kissed his shoulder gently, resting her chin on his chest. Rannon pulled her away from him and smirked happily.

Henna was curious. He had never showed this side of him, in the brief time that they were together. Rannon continued to smile at her, holding her shoulders. After some time of smiling, he finally said.

“Me…you must drink from me.” Before she had any time to protest, he went on “The first time that you bite into someone, you will be bound to them. They have a certain amount of control over you. I don’t want you to be with someone else…wait!! I meant…”

He looked down and shook his head, as Henna just sat there grinning.

“So NOW we get to the bottom of it…you don’t want me with anyone else…”
She put her hand under his chin and lifted his face up playfully.

“I would have to agree with you though.”

Henna hoped off of his lap and stood, stretching her arms above her head.

Rannon just sat there, staring blankly at her. She wanted him to be with her…she wanted him. He stood up and walked the short distance between them, wrapping his arms around her waist. Before she had time to react, Rannon pulled her against him and kissed her, he kissed her as deeply as he could. Henna blinked in surprise for a moment, but within a few seconds, her arms were dangling form his shoulders and her eyes closed.

Rannon pulled away and rested his forehead against hers, taking in a deep breathe. She smiled, allowing her hunger to take over her thoughts.

“So… how much blood do I have to drink anyway?”

He took her hand in his and sat down on the slab of concrete that she had been changed on. “Well, it all depends…I think you only have to actually drink is a drop or two, but most people tend to like it, a lot” He laughed at her facial expression. Henna grumbled at him and nudged him in the chest.

“Well then, I’m getting hungry…do I...I mean…” She rubbed the back of her neck and sighed “How exactly does this work?”

Rannon put her hand against his neck, the flow of his blood under her fingers. Henna sighed and closed her eyes, trying not to allow her brain to think.

“That’s right henna…don’t think…”

Rannon put his hand on the back of her head, pulling her closer to him

“Just do it…”

As Rannon pulled her closer, she thought about it. The texture, the feeling… everything seemed so wrong. Rannon pulled her closer and closer, her hand falling to his shoulders. Her lips met his neck after only about three or four second. Henna licked his neck gently, her fangs starting to grow. Rannon’s blood began to flow quicker and quicker. It had been so long sense someone fed off of him willingly. Henna’s fangs grew to full length. She didn’t allow herself to think anything. This is what had to be done; she had to drink from him. She lifted her head gently and smiled at him, her fangs poking her lower lip.


He put his finger to her lips gently and nodded, understanding exactly what she meant. Henna leaned back down and bit into his neck, and for the first time, she really couldn’t control herself.

His blood rushed into her mouth, and into her throat. Henna sucked on the opening in his flesh without remorse. She fell into another world, a world where nothing mattered but her hunger for this. His hand that once had to hold her face to his neck fell down her back, rubbing it gently. Rannon sighed once, relaxing.

Time passed by rather quickly while Henna was linked to his neck. She could almost feel her stomach becoming full. All this time, she worried about Rannon. Did this hurt him? Was he in pain? At that thought, she pulled away quickly, almost forcing herself to let go.

Henna’s mind went numb as she pulled away. She could hear Rannon’s voice calling her name in the distance, but he was just too far away. Her eyes closed heavily and she let herself fall into a comatose state.


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