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ROMANTICA - a rating community
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All Members , Moderated

Romantica is a rating community. The community name is obviously lyrics from Taking Back Sunday but don't be fooled
this is not a TBS related community. Though liking TBS might get you good with some of the members ;-) *But please don't feel you have to like them, because you don't.* And yes, this community is for guys and girls alike.

*Tip: Don't ignore/disobey/fail to comply to the rules.*
For Wannabe's...
1. Completely fill out the application and post it within 48 hours of joining. Or I'll delete you from the community and mark you as rejected.
2. Make sure you LJ cut your application. How to is explained below. If you don't use LJ cut your post will be deleted.
3. You can only comment on your application post until you are accepted.
4. The members can be bitchs or they can be nice, deal with it.
5. I wouldn't recommend bitching to the mods or other members, I will ban you if I see fit.
6. If you are accepted then good, vote and promote. If you are rejected then leave. You can try again one last time in a week. If your accepted the second time your name comes off the rejected list and goes onto the accepted list.
7. Don't be a baby, if your rejected don't delete your post or you'll be banned.
8. Put Hey Romantica in your subject line so we know you read the rules. If its not there, your post will be deleted.
9. Majority rules here. You have two days to be voted on unless the majority of members vote before that.
10.</b>Don't edit you application unless you've screwed something up horribly. If your caught changing an answer, opinion, etc I'll delete your application.</b>

For Members
1. LJ cut all pictures and use sense, anything thats too big.
2. After your accepted you can post whatever you want.
3. Only the mods can stamp a wanna-be.
4. Do not become a deadbeat, vote and promote. Look alive. If I think its needed a post will be made telling members to comment if there still alive, if you don't your deleted. You can join again along with your explanation of why you didn't comment.
5. When voting wannabe's please put a clear yes or no in the subject line or bold
6. Opinions and insults are highly approved.
7. You may whore your community once.
8. Really, the only surefire way to get banned would be bitching to the mods. So have fun!
9. If you want something added to the interests, tell me and I'll probably add it.

<*lj-cut text="What you want link to say"*>
Remove the stars.

Martial Status:
Sexual Preference:

Band and why:
Movie and why
Book and why:
Actor and why:
Actress and why:
Television Show:
Article of Clothing:

The world today:
Underage smoking and drinking:
Homosexual relationships:
Premartial sex:

Other Things
Desribe your personality:
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Whose the sexist man/female in the world?
If you knew you were gonna die tomorrow what would be the one thing you just had to do today?
Why do you want to join Romantica?
How did you hear about us?
Pictures (more than 1, less than 10)

*application is subject to change*

Head Maintainer/Mod = ____bangbangdie
Creator/Maintainer/Mod = hazyeyed
Co-Mods = xgreenxdesirex




by: hazyeyed

Thanks to lizzyhavok for these signs!