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Location:Miami, Fl...woo, its hot
Martial Status:Single
Sexual Preference:Straight

Band and why:Well, really, i have wayy too many to count. I dont know if this is a good or bad thing, i just like a lot of bands. Classical Rock mostly thou
Movie and whyHm. I had this whole list, but i dont know where i put it, so im just gonna say the silence of the lambs, because it has very professional acting, it has a most excellent plot course, and Jodie Fosters pretty cute in that movie, in a bureaucratic, businesslike
Book and why: The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, because really, if you think about it, it spawned the world of fantasy you see today. I mean, yes the Arthurian Legends spawned literal fantasy, but Tolkien put the 20th century spin on it, encompassing a range of cultures into one kickass triology.
Actor and why: Hm...very tough choice, im gonna get back to you on that one.
Actress and why:---^
Food: True New York pizza.
Season: Well, i live in florida, so i dont have much choice, we only have dry and wet seasons, but im gonna go with Fall, because here, it gets summer and winter temperatures, which here range from usually 50-80 degrees, very nice too.
Television Show: Family Guy. Im sorry that show is just hilarious
Colour: Green
Article of Clothing: Pants.
Store: I dont really shop..

The world today:I honestly think that if people realized that every person on this planet is made of the same exact things, this world would begin to calm down. Seriously people. Theres just not enough love in this world these days. Just shallow feelings and empty dreams.
Underage smoking and drinking:We were granted with the power of free will. You do as you like, just know the consequences of what you are doing.
Drugs: I personally dont agree with them, i can find other highs, such as music.
Homosexual relationships: I have no problem with them. I mean, if you can find true love with someone else, and have an honest relationship, im fine with that. But if your like going around having sex with everyone spreading AIDS like everyone thinks gays do, then dont get near me.
Hunting: Weve reached a point where we dont need to hunt to survive. We can do without it. I dont really see the fun in shooting an animal that you most likely wont eat.
Abortion: I believe that human life is valuable, but i mean, if your a 13 year old girl, most likely to die if you have this child, or totally ruin your life by having it, shouldnt you consider the option?
sex: Do it responsibly. Protect yourself and your partner. If you are underage, and feel you are ready, thats perfectly ok. But do it correctly, and wear protection
Premartial sex: See above
Religion: Its too complicated to live and die by one set of rules noone truly understands. I think that religion as it is run today, is a pointless thing. Yes believe, but dont make everyone else believe what you think is salvation.

Other Things
Desribe your personality: Im up for anything, i love to have fun, be with friends, i love to talk. If you want to know more check out my LJ superdude6504
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? My love of food.
Whose the sexist man/female in the world? The sexiest woman, would have to be Angelina Jolie. The woman is B-e-a-utiful
If you knew you were gonna die tomorrow what would be the one thing you just had to do today? Tell my one true love how i really feel.
Why do you want to join Romantica? Because it looks real cool
How did you hear about us? I found it looking for ac/dc lovers
Pictures (more than 1, less than 10) Sorry that i dont have any of myself, i dont have a digital camera, but heres some i find entretaining.

Image hosted by

I really like PC games, but im not a gaming freak. I love the Battlefield series.

Image hosted by

I think Jimi Hendrix was the best guitarist that ever lived

Image hosted by

I love France and their culture. Plus the food is fantastique(i speak French)

Image hosted by

Dave Chappelle is the most hilarious man on television.

Image hosted by

i find this picture to be very cute (yes cute is in my vocabulary)

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I listen to Classic Rock.

Well there you go. Hope you enjoyed it

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