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Hey Romantica

Name: michele
Age: 18
Gender: female
Location: long beach, CA
Birthdate:  august 11
Martial Status: not married.. but taken.
Sexual Preference: straight, but i kiss girls.

Band and why: Fallout Boy, because my sister and i made friends with them, and we get invited to after parties when they're in town.  Also, they've got the best lyrics and most awesome stage presence i've ever experienced
Movie and why:  heavyweights, because the idea of a crazed fitness fiend taking over a fat camp for kids is hilarious... ben stiller makes me laugh every time
Book and why: the five people you meet in heaven, because it gives me something to look forward to in the after life
Actor and why: michael pitt, because his acting is amazing.
Actress and why: sandra bullock, because she's super talented and amazingly beautiful
Food: aanything italian!
Season: fall <333
Television Show: anything on animal planet, i could watch it all day
Colour: dark red and black
Article of Clothing: my TBS jacket
Store: peanut's revenge

The world today: i'm just happy to be living in it....
Underage smoking and drinking: uncontrollable, and if it'd done responsibly then go for it.
Drugs: bad.  very bad.
Homosexual relationships: it shouldn't even be an issue.. it's their own business to be attracted to the same sex.
Hunting: TERRIBLE.  makes me sad like this :o(
Abortion: if you need it, then do it.  better to save your life then destroy it, as well as somebody elses.
sXe: more power to any sxe kids.
Premartial sex: go for it.
Religion: just not for me... i tried it, and didn't agree with it.

Other Things
Desribe your personality: i'm usually shy, but i can be a total goober too.   i find myself to be extremely attached and loyal to my closest friends and my family.  i'm passive, patient, and very forgiving.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? my past judgements.  i made a lot of bad calls.
Whose the sexist man/female in the world?  michael pitt (The Village and Murder by Numbers)
If you knew you were gonna die tomorrow what would be the one thing you just had to do today? spend the day with my family, and let them know how grateful i was to have them in my life.
Why do you want to join Romantica?  because it's the raddest community i've seen so far. plus, the title is rockin.
How did you hear about us? a friends LJ info.
Pictures (more than 1, less than 10)


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