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hey romantica

Location:Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Martial Status:single
Sexual Preference:bisexual

Band and why:Taking Back Sunday. and yeah, i read this isn't a TBS website. I know. They're still my favortie band. the lyrics are incredible. and i like every song. plus adam is gorgeous
Movie and whyAlmost Famous. It's just a good fucking movie, with great music.
Book and why:The Outsiders. I dunno if I liked it, because it reminded me so much of a good friend of mine, or because it's a good story. but i recommend you all read it.
Actor and why:Matthew Lillard. He's just funny shit.
Actress and why:i can't really say i have one. brittany murphy, maybe?
Television Show:Nip / Tuck
Article of Clothing:my chucks signed by the members of MSI

The world today:we're fucked
Underage smoking and drinking:it's not so much i mind the underage part. just the drinking, stumbling, yelling, puking bit. smoking, whatever, do what you want.
Drugs:i'll put up with weed, that's about it. but once again, it's really your body, you deal... have fun.
Homosexual relationships:all for it
Hunting: i don't have much of an opinion on it. i don't like the thought of killing animals. but it has to be done. for food and population control.
Abortion:if you're a whore, and sleep around and get pregnant, you deserve to have to keep it. if you're safe and with one person, and it's pure accident, then it's your choice. if your raped, you should be allowed the choice too.
sXe:i can respect that you are sXe, if you can respect that i'm not.
Premartial sex:it's your life. i did it.
Religion:i don't have one. i don't want one. don't force yours on me.

Other Things
Desribe your personality:I feel egotistical when I'm told to describe my personality. that says something, right there. *shrugs* i'm pretty blunt. funny. happy for the most part.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?i have a BIG forehead. but i guess honestly lose 10-15lbs.
Whose the sexist man/female in the world?
If you knew you were gonna die tomorrow what would be the one thing you just had to do today?honestly, this is probably the most non-me thing i could do. but i would go out, tell everyone goodbye. see my friends, and family one last time. then that last hour, i'd spend alone. i'm my room. i'd overdose on heroin. and not for the whole "tragic death" bullshit. because i know in my life, i'll never do heroin, and it's like i'd want to try it, because they say it's the most amazing feeling in the world. 10X better than any orgasm. ( yeah, i'm so not gonna get any yes answers )
Why do you want to join Romantica?simple because. i like it.
How did you hear about us?i typed in some search word, and this came up

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