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Name: Alexz
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Location: Chicago,IL
Birthdate: July 25th
Martial Status: single…but in love.
Sexual Preference: Bisexual [at this point and time preferably guys]

Band and why: The Misfits-They got me into everything im into now and where the first band I really enjoyed.
Movie and why: Plan 9 From Outer Space-ITS CLASSIC.
Book and why: Wasted- it’s a long story. I use to have an ED and it was really the only book I could enjoy from front to back.
Actor and why: Johnn yDepp- He can play so many different kinds of characters.
Actress and why: Winona Ryder- I think just mentioning she was Lydia in Beetlejuice is a good enough answer!
Food: Celery…its good for ya!
Season: FALL…Halloween…pretty leaves…PERFECT weather.
Television Show: ANYTHING on VH1 for the most part
Colour: red…because I like it!
Article of Clothing: my misfits shirt
Store: ermmmmmm the cd store! haha

The world today: its horrible. I want to take a time machine and go back to the 80’s.
Underage smoking and drinking: Its your life do with it what you want
Drugs: Same answer as above
Homosexual relationships: Its your life. If you love someone you should have the basic right and freedom to be with whomever you choose.
Hunting: Well I preferably don’t like it. But same as the answers above its your life do with it what you want.
Abortion: haha guess what? Im going to say the same thing. Its your life. I am pro-choice.
sXe: There are some straight edge kids that are DICKS. They are like too proud of being straight edge. I think there a little over the top sometimes. AT least the ones ive met in Chicago [no offense to anyone whos not like that but is straight edge]
Premartial sex: I say wrap that shit up! We don’t need anymore mothers who are going to abandon there children
Religion: I don’t really believe in any sort of religion and I think it’s a waste in my opinion.

Other Things
Desribe your personality: woo that is a hard one. I can be such a nice person and hyper but then I can be a complete and utter bitch. The last week or so though ive been as hyper and as happy as I can be because I found myself a horror boy.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? To be skinny. [vain, ain’t I?]
Whose the sexist man/female in the world? GEORGE [guy I like] or Glenn motherfuckin’ Danzig or Daniel Ash…Ah that is so hard to choose.
If you knew you were gonna die tomorrow what would be the one thing you just had to do today? Have sex with George hahaha
Why do you want to join Romantica? Because im really bored and I want to know if im good enough for you all! haha
How did you hear about us? I randomly found it
Pictures (more than 1, less than 10)

These be my awesome ass boots

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