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fixation with a girl named {Mitz}

angel fish come dance with me

{Sugar Water}
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: Aus-inese (Hong Kong)
Aries. Black hair, brown eyes. What you might call freaky. ..ickle. Teh Short people will rule one day *nodds* 5f1

Just me squeeing aevc my brother

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: cheesy,wierd, energectic, funky?, different, day dreamin, addictive, obsessed, fan gurl, bookworm, potato couch, adorable, loves my dolls and loves my buds, hates ignorers, spends time on the internet, geek freak, childish, brainmushed, talkative.. me!

Marriage is love.

Love is beyond the Boundaries of Gender, Society and Whatever the Government Decides

I wish I had enough love to love.. I wish I could love everything..be perfect, love those all around me, but I can't. I wonder how many times I've said "I wish" these past few days..I've been lost for meaning recently..lost for why I am here..why I wake up, and go through the ups and downs that this exsistance has offered. I did what I was told, only to find myself empty and lost in a world of speed, direction and money. I should really stop whinning, but under the layers of beliefs and what we say, don't we only care about ourselves? Regardless to the charity, the actions, our lives do entirely centre around ourselves.. We spend so much time focusing on charity, the ozone layer, de-forestation, and we ignore the problems that shape our foundation. Within schools, there is peer pressure, the way we act in a every day circumstance could cause one child to run home crying, but we, as human beings, don't notice. We are consumed in our own lives, our actions and our thoughts. This will never change, the imperfectness of humanity is probally the reason why this foul species has last so long..

I've wanted to die..to end it, (not now though..) not because there is something I want and have lost, not because I hate this world with such a passion, its just that it feels right.. there is no more steps ahead and I can't travel back.. I've been living in the past...I love my friends, I love you all with the love that is beyong the amount that is fair for me to give..blinded by it..but I fell trapped, in this box of limitations...boxed in by white walls..I see a window, the window to color and freedom, tis out of my reach...

I imagine a beautiful loft..a pool reaching into the horizon...I imagine wonders of paint of beauty.. a steel fridge..a center kitchen table.. sunlight through the giant windows.. I imagine a happy, a older me...colors..hippy colors.. a world of love...I blink.. I see a white walls around me.. trapping me in..stopping the shine.I see dirty cups all over my desk, a full trash can..a messy desktop, stacks of homework..unmade bed and I see myself in the mirror.. sick, unhealthy and dead..

I am fake, a cardboard figure, I have no dimensions, 1x1..still unchanging, decorated under layers and layers of commercial advertisement, I can neither move foreward or backwards. Fake, unreal, I ned no love, I love less...make-up smeared, I am false, a raggidy doll.

I live in the past, I live in the impossible future.. why can't I live now?

To think I cam only a small part of this universere, irrelevant.. the purpose to meet others, and for a momment to enjoy the company of each other.. Sometimes Parker makes sense in his sickened logic..

Don't tell me you love me, don't tell me I have friends to live for.. don't tell me to live for the future. There is nothing. I live, if you can define this living, now. this time. To fill up my exsistance in the river that flows for humanity. I live. That is all that seems to matter.