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Hi all,
I’m an intern in the UC Berkeley Gender Equity resource center, and I’m helping organize a workshop centered upon the analysis of media portrayals of domestic violence, entitled “Comedy or Crisis: What is so funny about domestic violence?” Our plan is to show clips of domestic violence and have attendees rate and discuss the seriousness of the proceedings in each clip.

Any suggestions are requested and welcomed! I’m also desperately searching for any short clips (preferably humorous, and through youtube, sidereel, etc, although these qualifications aren’t necessary) that depict domestic violence in lgbt relationships or with men as victims (both hetero and homosexual). If anyone has any thoughts or interesting information about these specific types of domestic violence that would also be much appreciated. Thanks!


Help find a cure

Hi, my name is Hannah and I'm collecting money for the leukemia and lymphoma society's light the night walk. Last year my best friend died of leukemia (AML) at the age of 18. The walk is this Saturday in Frederick, Maryland. Donations of any amount are much appreciated. Please consider helping me make a difference.

Here's a link to the donation page.


Thank you,


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Hi my name is Elaine. I have Cystic Fibrosis. I was hoping that you could help me. I've watched this community for a while and you may even recognize me replying to your entry either on the site or your personal journal, so I thought I might ask for either a vote.

I entered a Cystic Fibrosis related scholarship and there is an online vote going for the top 40 winners.

You can vote once a day per computer.


fights, sex, and a bunch of shit. help, at wits end. thanks.

okay so i am bi-polar and i have pretty bad mood swings. mainy just depression. DO NOT JUDGE PLEASE. THIS IS THE STORY.

yesterday i fought my best friend for no reason. i felt like she was my only friend left, so i called her up and told her some shit i had been goin through.  really deep shit to.

well i wound up swingin on her because i like BOTH of these guys (i kid you not) and she was playin operah.  Let's call guy number 1 Bob, and number 2 Billy.

I just wanted to have a little bit of fun over at there house and act up, and hook up with Bob and Billy,and she was acting like she was mother teresa.

so next thing u know i was tackled on the floor by the both of these guys so i would not beat her ass.

i was in such a frenzy and rage almost all my clothes were off because i was fighting so hard. Bob even said damn girl your really strong. Now may i remind you i like BOTH of them at the same time lol. 

Well Billy, kept coming up stares and just kinda watching to see if Bob was still holding me back, and i had hooked up wit hhim the night before so i had a feeling he was tryin to hook up with my "friend", but i knew it wasn't gonna happen. 

So basically, I had Bob holding me down on the floor and keeping me upstairs so I could not go outside to beat her ass, and the wierd thing about it was, Billy, kept looking to see what me and Bob were doing, like we were gonna do sumthing upstairs (sexual) or w/e. But I was so sore the next day from Bob holding me back I had to take a painpill.

To make matters worse, my "friend" who I fought, told Billy everything about me that was so secret and she called me a whore and said i needed help.

Now, I have burnt bridges with her. And I keep burning them with everyone whom I might like as a future date/husband.

DO guys really like to see girl fights or does it make them think were crazy bitches?????? Some tihnk it's sexy, some not.
I m SO embarrassed i acted that way in his house....but I can't go back in the future.

WHAT am I doing? I'm doing all these horrible impulsive, dangerous things with people and I don't know how to stop.
I'm going to therapy and everything.

Fighting and having random sex and all of this?????? 


Screaming for help. Need REAL ass answers.

Hello everyone.  I feel like i'm constantly being taken advantange of. By guys. This has been going on for years straight. Maybe, just maybe, one male has ever made me the least bit happy and given me a glimpse of hope in the mail species.

Anyways, I'm always in a bad situation with a guy. Something happened last night and I just don't know how things spiral out of control with me and some people.

Let me start by saying males have put me in bad sitiuations, and i'm really scared to say what it is, but i'm sure anyone with half a brain can imagine.
Every since that night I was in that situation I couldn't get out of, I felt like such a loser, like i had to do everything a guy told me to do.

It's pathetic. Last night, I was tricked into believing this SOB liked me, which I thought he did, we had been talking for ever. We had a one night stand and my stupid ass waited by the phone hoping he would call...never did.

He walked me to my door after his friend took me home and said "thanks." and kissed me. I said, "for what?" He replied "for hanging out." and that was that.

He also brought a friend along and I wonder why his friend came to pick me up. Was his friend expecting something? Ugh, I'm so confused. I'm legally an adult but wtf is going on? 

Before I knew this guy, he was sending me text messages about sex. I'm wonderin if he heard things from my ex? Help me with the following:

1) Why did he bring his friend?
2) Was he lying out his ass?
3) Is he done?

I really like him and I wanna be in a serious relationship, but I keep finding myself getting into more and more situations like this.

Please help, it's stims from when I was younger.

I need answers please NO sugarcoating.

I really hate doing this.

8 months ago my father was in a very serious motorcycle accident. He was in a hospital for 6 months before he was moved to a nursing home. Now he is constantly moving back and forth between the nursing home and the hospital. He is still in a coma and minimally responsive.

It seems to help when I visit and I have been down to visit him every month since the accident(i live about 9 hours away). He'd been doing really well but yesterday at about 6:30 I got a call from my aunt(his sister) telling me he started going downhill out of nowhere. I am rushing to be with him and catching a plane tomorrow(i never take planes, but i want to get there asap). My worry is that I didnt give myself the ussual time to save up for this trip, only bought a 1 way ticket because idk how long I'm going to be there. Not working I'm terrified of running out of money quickly, and I'm gonna need to eat at least one meal a day and eventually get a ticket back. If you can donate even one dollar that equals a donut or something. Anything you can spare would be a blessing. Thanks in advance.

am I a fool?

First off I've been involved with my current boyfriend going on 6 months. Were both in love with each other and do anything possible for one another. I found out like 2 months in he may have a baby on the way but the mom was denying it was his. The baby was born in late December and the mom never called him until February, He found out she was born through her myspace. So in feb. she started calling him and this was almost an every day occasion, I got mad about this at the time. They'd sit and talk on the phone for like 30 mins to an hour at a time while i was right there. Who wouldn't be pissed right? She stopped calling as much and when she did he wouldn't talk as long because I brought it up. So now here we are the middle of april and the baby is going on 4 months. Every other week he goes and STAYS at his ex's house to visit his daughter, anywhere from 1-4 days at a time. Mind you the first time he went he never called me so I was ready to break up with him that quick over it before even hearing his explanation. And I've had a hard time ever since so when he goes I feel like I'm left basically heart broken. Now we've talked and argued about it the past few times and he calls me every time he's there now. His argument is the mom is with the baby 24-7 so when he goes there he's basically giving her a break. Which custody hasn't been disgust yet so normally parents who have partial custody this is how it works every other weekend. My thing is he goes there to stay because she won't let him take her until she's 5 or 6 months. In the back of my mind he could be cheating on me this is his ex and is it necessary for him to stay days at a time? And the present time he doesn't have a job so there's no restrictions on how long he can stay. Should I be wrong for feeling this way towards him? Or should I just let him be that dad he's being? I'm so confused and hurt by all of this.