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He's stopped talking to me?

It feel really weird that this is what i'm worrying about now! But i suppose i should have expected it; I started anti-depessants a while back and i feel like i'm slowly moving into a more 'average' fram of mind for my age. (eg, i never more make up, but im typing this wearing nail varnish and eyeliner; i'm watching and reading more news and satire, whereas before i barely knew what happened around me.)

Over the past year, one of my best friends has started talking to me less and less, but only when he has a girlfriend.
At first there was no difference between when he did and when he didn't. But recently he's been speaking to me less and less.
It's been a lot more noticable with his current girlfriend, becuase he walks to and from school with her, so I barely ever even see him! She also makes him sit with her at lunch; once, my friend wanted a quick word, and he had to say a couple of tiimes "I'll be right there" she was a row behind us.
I think I can tell she doesn't like me. When he introduced us properly, I smiled and said hi like I would to any one else. she just sort of stared at me then spoke to him.
Honestly, incredibly rude when you think I was, in a way, fuelling their relationship at the time. He was writing, and I was helping him with it, he and her were obsessed with the fandom he was writing about. (they even use the characters names) -.-
I guess maybe I am sick to bloody death of mushy romantic stuff but I've watched all my friends be in relationships for years and I've had none. :/

Update: I haven't done or said anything about it!
If I did I know that we oth would know I don't have the right. I, a constantly single girl, saying what's abnormal in a relationship? It wouldn't be right.    20 minutes ago

Update: I can be quite posessive, but I can't help it.
All but him and another have been good friends who have never hurt me, let me down or made me feel like I don't exst to them.    18 minutes ago

Theres  few other bits on girls ask guys, and if anyone wants to know (its a little complicated) i'll post the link

I have one guy telling me not to interfere, and that i should have made my move when he was single if i liked him.
And a girl saying that if i keep pushing the gf, he'll realise how overposessive and controlling she is.
Could it have gone much more to the extremes?
Help! :/

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