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Hi all,

I received an e-mail yesterday from my uncle that read:


I need your help. I am trying to gather love letters for a woman named Michelle. I think she needs them desperately.

Yesterday, at San Diego Hospice, I met Michelle. She is 57 and dying of metastasized cervical cancer which causes her a great deal of pain. Michelle’s face is a little distorted, not ugly but not quite normal, and she is extraordinarily self conscious about it. When I came into her room, she covered her face with her hands, or a magazine, and put on oversized sunglasses. Michelle is a black Baptist. She likes scripture and she likes to pray – actually, she likes other people to pray for her because she is not sure she is worthy to pray for herself.

The whole conversation with her was about love. She started with “how do I learn to love everybody?” She explained that people who love everybody “will be rewarded.” Before long, that moved closer to what I think is the real issue when I asked her “do you feel loved?” She responded by asking what she called The Million Dollar Question: “How do you love yourself?”

She seems to be someone who not only does not know love, but does not believe she is “lovable.” She is overwhelmed by her imperfections, in her appearance and her life, and is not at all sure that she is lovable enough to be with God.

This morning I woke up thinking palanca. This woman needs a big basket of love. I collected about 20 love letters from the St Monica’s Prayer Group this morning and would like more from you. Please prayer for Michelle and please write her a note that I will deliver with many dozens more. You can e-mail it to me or give it to me tomorrow at grouping. Feel free to ask others to write to her also. The more the better.

De Colores,


I thought it would be really nice to try and collect as many letters for this woman as I could, so I'd like to enlist your help. I've received several letters from people on livejournal so far, most of which are about a paragraph in length and share words of encouragement and God's love. I think this is a wonderful cause, especially given the spirit of the Christmas season. If you're interested in writing a letter for Michelle then you can e-mail it to me ( and I'll make sure it gets to the right place.

And of course, any prayers you can offer for her would be lovely.

Thank you so much. :)

(Also, if you know anyone else who you think might be interested in writing a letter, please don't hesitate to share this with them.)

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