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Hopefully SOMEONE can help me, because I am going absolutely mad.

My name's Heather and I'm 20 years young. I live with my boyfriend, Corey, of 3 years. We moved in together on February 15, 2008. A couple of months after moving in together, I noticed he wanted to spend MORE time with his friends than he normally had. I was okay with that until some problems started occurring. He went out with his buddies and I had the car that night because I went out with a friend as well. He said his friend Brandon would drop him off around 11pm. 11pm rolls around and he is not home. At first I thought he was running late but once 12am rolled around, I started to panic... wondering if he was okay. I kept calling and texting and around 3 am, called my Mother because I couldn't sleep. 5:30am rolls around and he texts me. He doesn't apologize for what he did. He just texts me asking "what's up?" I call him, found out where he is, and go to pick him up. He tells me his excuse was that Brandon said he wouldn't give him a ride home because he was tired... and he also said they fell asleep.

A couple months after, he decides to go back out with Brandon and some friends skateboarding. Says he'll be home at 12am. 12am rolls around and what do you know? He's not home. I call him and text him with no answer. 4:30am rolls around and he calls me and acts non-chalant AGAIN. He tells me he went to see his brother's band play and that he forgot his phone in the car. Then he proceeds to tell me his phone died.

Another couple of months after, he decides again to go back out with Brandon and some friends skateboarding. He realistically says he'll be home at 2am. Guess what? 2am rolls around and he's not home. I call and text him AGAIN with no answer AGAIN. At one point I call and it starts to go straight to voicemail. He finally calls around 3:30am to tell me his phone died and he's on his way home.

Just last Friday he goes out again with the same friends. At 10:30pm, we talk for a bit and I can tell he's a little drunk. I tell him he should sober up a bit before coming home for 2am. It's getting close to 2am so I call just to check that he's left with no answer. I text him with no answer. I happened to have a friend over and decide we are going to drive to where he is to pick him and my car up. We get there and he's lying in the bathroom, drunk and HIGH after he and I had a long talk about drugs and promised each other... no drugs what-so-ever. We had that talk at the beginning of our relationship.

What do I do? Am I overreacting? Should I end this relationship? Could he be cheating? Could he really just be forgetful?

Please help me.

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