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I need something to keep my mind off the fact that I don't have seasons four and five of Supernatural to watch. fml.

SO. Leave as many pics(HQ or screencaps) as you want. Anything.
Unlimited because I need to keep busy. xD
Buffy (Restless) - "It's A Wonderful Wor


All right I recently just made a header for someone and although I usually don't make good on all my promises I am loving making icons, just need a little inspiration. So I am accepting requests.


X. 2 icons per person.
X. Please post the screencaps as a comment to this post.
X. Be specific with how you want the icon to look if you have certain writing you want etc. I tend to put writing if I feel poetic and think the icon needs it so if you want blanks, please specify.
X. Please be patient with me. I will try and get them done within a week, but I will be making other icons too.
X. I will comment back to you when the icons are posted.

That's pretty much it. First 25 people to comment here get juicy icon-y goodness!

11 of 25
[Ω] nothing is ever forgotten.


I'm going to try my hand at animated requests. =]

Comment here with:
- a link to the youtube clip [as that is the only way i can get the clips].
- what text?/no text.
- the exact scene in the band music video, episode [if they have those], tv clips, etc.

[Ω] nothing is ever forgotten.


& comment & credit stillamempty
& don't hotlink
& do not edit/change.
& if you want something on the icon, let me know. i'll add it.

001-005 :: Angel
006-020 :: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
021-024 :: Charmed
025-060 :: Harry Potter
061-070 :: Harry Potter Cast (Daniel, Emma, and Rupert)
071-074 :: Keira Knightly
075-083 :: My Chemical Romance
084-094 :: Pirates of the Caribbean
095-107 :: The Used
108-124 :: Veronica Mars
125-142 :: Interest Icons (I think I missed someone's and if I did, i'm sorry. Comment here and tell me.)

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[Ω] nothing is ever forgotten.


I'll (chosenxone) be posting on this sn now.

Along with my quote requests, I thought i'd do some icon ones too. To make it easier on me, I'm going to ask you for pictures.

i, like Holly, will icon any fandom. two icons for each person. give the links, and tell me if you'd like font on the icon. if you would, tell me what to put.

That's.. pretty much it, I think.


And, I was wondering if someone could get me a paid account on this name? Mum won't let me order things online. >> or I'd get one. I'll do icons, try to do bigger graphics, whatever you'd want. thanks theroomstops and hollowinsidex! <3
Buffy (Restless) - &quot;It&#39;s A Wonderful Wor


I am so bored and I desparetly need something to do so I am going to take requests. The first 20 people to comment to this post with the links to the pictures they want iconed get icons.

(01) Two pictures per person.
(02) You must post the links to the pictures in the comments.
(03) You must state whether you want text on the icon or not.
(04) If you do want text on the icon, tell me what to put on it.
(05) I'll icon basically any fandom you like.

So, comment here!

[ used ] Jepha HandHead


Since The Used's new cd is coming out tomorrow (yay) and I'm in a really good mood, I want to do some requests. But I thought it'd be fun to shake it up a bit.

This time i'm going to do quotes or lyrics. Since it's not the same as pictures, i'll do three for each person.

If you choose a quote and want the person's name at the bottom then make sure you tell me.


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upon underworld's request, here is an icon post. xD

& comment & credit chosenxone
& don't hotlink
& do not edit/change. if you want something, let me know and i'll add it.
& no animation this time, sorry. I fully intend on having some next post.
& textless icons are NOT bases.
& numbers are on top of the icon.

ignore the two blank spots, nothing's supposed to be there.

now I am off to work on a mood theme which i'll put it my mood theme journal. ^_^ if you have any ideas let me know. woot.

001-031 :: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
032-034 :: Eliza Dushku
035-041 :: Hearts
042-042 :: House
043-052 :: Harry Potter
053-055 :: Michelle Trachtenberg
056-076 :: Photography (If you have a better word for it, let me know)
077-106 :: Potterpuffs (if taking, also credit potterpuffs)
107-112 :: Veronica Mars
113-113 :: Veronica Mars cast
114-182 :: Interest Icons

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Wow. It's been a while. I really want to come back and so I thought why not do interest icons? ^__^ The first 20 people get 2 icons. I might change the number but I'm not sure yet. Anyways. You can either post pictures of the two that you want, let me know specifically which fandom/actor(ess), or just let me go through your interests.

I just realized that.. 15 is an odd number. xD I do not like them for some reason.


I'm in a very good mood today, and lately, so I guess i'm just gonna do whoever comments.