June 9th, 2007

Buffy (Restless) - "It's A Wonderful Wor


Ok... I have photoshop CS2 on my old comp. but now need it on my new laptop which I am using now. I have my serial number and all but can't find anywhere to download CS2 anymore... can anyone help me out? I really really need CS2 on here cause, photoshop is like the air I breathe lol... if someone could locate me to somewhere where I can download the program or tell me how to get photoshop from my other comp. to this one... i'd love them forever. Seriously. Please, anyone who can help just comment here asap. Thanks.

I also asked on my personal journal.
[Ω] nothing is ever forgotten.


I'll (chosenxone) be posting on this sn now.

Along with my quote requests, I thought i'd do some icon ones too. To make it easier on me, I'm going to ask you for pictures.

i, like Holly, will icon any fandom. two icons for each person. give the links, and tell me if you'd like font on the icon. if you would, tell me what to put.

That's.. pretty much it, I think.


And, I was wondering if someone could get me a paid account on this name? Mum won't let me order things online. >> or I'd get one. I'll do icons, try to do bigger graphics, whatever you'd want. thanks theroomstops and hollowinsidex! <3