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Hellenic recons and traditionalists
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This community is a multi-denominational community for all types of Greek reconstructionists, including Dodekatheists, traditionalists, orthodox, conservative, liberal, and many others yet unnamed.

Please observe the following rules:

1) No flaming or personal attacks! Please agree to disagree and respect the values of xenia and eusebeia. If you have a personal problem with someone, please take it to private email. What your denomination considers to be the appropriate way to practice and believe may not be the case for another. Regardless, all denominations represented here were represented in ancient Hellas in some way, shape or form and we must respect that. When in doubt, just agree to disagree.

2) Avoid labels when possible except in the case of defining your own denomination/personal beliefs. This way people will not be inaccurately named and hence misunderstood.

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