What has Hermes done for you lately?

Hi group:

I'm a member of an ADF grove, and I will be performing an invocation of Hermes at our Beltane ritual this year. My concept for the invocation was to read a list of ways that Hermes has aided those who seek his help; ideally, I would like to have a long list of short, quick points, both as a variation on the classic list of epithets to greet a god, and also to overwhelm people with how great He is, before asking for his assistance in opening the gates that separate the mortal world from that which is beyond (it's a Big Freakin' Deal).

If you feel that Hermes has bettered your life in some way-- answered a prayer, helped you learn something, anything like that-- tell me about it in one sentence. This is completely anonymous. I'm going to read a list, each sentence starting with "Hermes who...". Eg. "Hermes who got me out of a speeding ticket," "Hermes who showed me how to be resourceful."

Email me, weird[dot]psience[at]gmail and let me know what yours is.

Hermes who..
Athena - Parthenon

A couple of book recs...

Two books were recently published that I thought worth attention. Both are fiction, and both center on the Olympians. The first is John Banville's The Infinities, and the second is Zachary Mason's The Lost Books of the Odyssey. I've also discovered that John Banville has a novel called Athena that's part of an "unnamed trilogy", so that set is up next on my reading list.

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Athena - Parthenon

Question about Persephone and magic(k)al practice...

So...I was just wondering how many of you are involved in fairly serious magic(k)al practice, and how many of you are led through by Persephone? Once upon a time I did a fair amount of personal magic(k)al practice (not led through or headed by any deity in particular, and not all focused on one thing, but rather smaller things that needed addressing at whatever given time), but then I fell out of it. Over the past year or so I've felt like I need to start again, and even more recently Persephone rather smacked me over the head and let me know that She's the one I will be answering to in regards to it (I've always felt a thread to Her, but I never realized that this would be why). The only other thing I know so far is that the first part of it is going to be very self-focused and very self-transformational, and that as a whole it's going to be very much a journey. Where do I go from here? I really don't know where to start.
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Picking your Brain

So, who out there is studied-up on their Greek / Roman pantheon? I wrote a sonnet some year back that had refound it's ways into my hands. Now I remember doing a lot of research for this piece but I am still unsure about a few thins and before I set it to music I would like to get some opinions on the correctness of it. Even though I no longer see Apollo as my patron God, I still think It would be nice to remember him. So here goes nothing...

Hail Phoebus Apollo
Lord of the Silver Bow, Far Shooting Archer God
God of light, Shinning rays chasing away the dark
God of music, inspiration to passions and higher things
God of truth, who can tell no lies and to whom no lies can be told
God of health, sustainer of life and happiness
Wolf God, The Lycian, God of Lycia
Hear the call of a barbarian(Not Greek or Roman) woman and come if you will
Know the truths in my heart
Bless my song so it may please your ears
Grace my body with health so it may honor you
May your light forever wash over me and I will never fear the dark
May I walk your path a bright glad servant and understand your teachings
Delian of Delos
The Lycian
Phoebus Apollo


Truth is perhaps the most beautiful and rarest thing upon this earth. It is I the spirit of truth that I come here to ask you, my fellow pagans, an important question, and in my opinion the most important question of all when it comes to religion.  

Do you truly believe that your religion is true? Do you believe what you do is the right way of doing things? Many of you would argue that truth is subjective or that there are many truths. I am sorry to say that this is probably just ingrained political correctness. Truth is in any useful form is exclusive, something is either true, or it is false. Look into your daily life, the world around us, it is not subjective we cannot alter the fundamental structure because of our point of view, something is either true, or it is a delusion (or misunderstanding). If the gods/spirits/ect… exist then it is probable that they too have fundamental, unalterable reality about them otherwise they would be unable to interact with our reality in any reasonable way making religion useless. The other argument is that there are many truths or that the “truth” is too large and that all faiths point to it. Then I ask, does your religion contain the most “truths” or closest to the “truth” or are you simply settling for something inferior because the search is too hard? Do you simply settle for what is comfortable, for what you know, what makes you feel good about yourself rather than looking for the thing that can better help you better yourself and give your real comfort?

So I ask you my fellow pagans do you practice what you consider to be the truth or at least the closest to it, that you believe this deep down in the pit of your soul, or do you deny it so you can practice something fashionable, or comforting, or fun, or whatever delusion you choose.

And before I get a thousand angry responses just think about it for more than 5 minutes you owe yourself that.

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Hello all! I'm Takhys and I've just joined the modteam here at _hellenismos_.

Four Things
1. I went through all the old, back entries and tagged them.
2. I updated the layout of the journal and now there's a header and list of tags along the left-hand side of the page.
3. A friending/introduction post. Since I'm relatively new here and I don't really know all the locals, I thought it might be nice to introduce ourselves and say hello.
4. Is there anything you'd like to see me organize? Set-up? Advertise?

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or screaming difficulties, I'm usually on AIM (as takhys) or through gmail under the same handle.

About you:
What your journal consists of:
Friending Policy:
Anything else you may like to add:
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new mod

I would like to appoint a new maintainer for this community. Previously this was a shared maintenance but was apparently dumped by the other moderator, and I am really no longer an active Hellenist, so I feel I make a poor choice for a leader here. In the interest of fairness, I'd like ownership to go to someone who does have an active role in the community.

Any takers?

The Holy Synod of Greece is asked to return 5 million euros&gifts by the late Archbishop Christodoul

The Church of Greece could be set to take legal action against the employees of its non-governmental organization (NGO) Allilegi (Solidarity) after the results of an internal probe are made known to the Holy Synod today.

Sources said that the investigation has revealed that funds totaling some 10 million euros appear to be missing from the organization’s accounts.

It is thought that the money was spent on activities that had nothing to do with the NGO. There are questions about the outlay of some 150,000 euros on items that were given as gifts by the late Archbishop Christodoulos, as well as the purchase of cars that were used by some bishops.

Also, the Foreign Ministry is demanding the return of 5 million euros that it gave to Allilegi for the distribution of food abroad, which was never carried out.


Church thieves

Two men, aged 27 and 28, have been arrested in Thessaloniki on suspicion that they broke into at least 15 church collection boxes and stole 380 euros in cash. The two men allegedly used a technique involving a metal rod and some sticky tape to remove the banknotes from the boxes.