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Welcome to Heffy End, Livejournal's only Seo Taiji Community!

Topics that can be discussed/posted:

This is a open community, so members are approved joining. Members can discuss -

Pictures/Graphics: This includes avatars, pictures in general, banners,buttons, etc.
Questions: Please keep any request to a minimum. If too many are posted they will either become banned or start getting deleted.
Lyrics and song translations
Thoughts and Ideas
Random Seo Taiji information/facts etc.
Bands signed on to Goesoo Indigene Label
..and anything else you can think off that I did not include..thats somehow Taiji related.

Only rules are no flames,wild non-coherent fangirl post,etc..
your moderators include:
...please, if we ask something to be done, Listen ^^;

If you'd like to help translate news ( which would be greatly appreciated - neither of us speak Korean ) please e-mail me at ukayoru@gmail.com.


Yendeng Entertainment Company [x] http://www.yedang.co.kr/

SeoTaiji.com [x] http://www.seotaiji.com/prevlogin.asp

Seo Taiji Company [x] http://www.seotaijicompany.com/

Goesoo Indigene Label [x] http://www.goesoo.com/

ETP Shop [x] http://www.etpshop.com/

TaijiZone.com Official Fansite [x] http://www.taijizone.com/

TaijiHistory [x] http://www.taijihistory.com/

Ultramania - Seo Taiji Fanlisting [x] http://www.pelikanol.net/seotaiji/

SB Bang! - Japanese Fansite [x] http://www2h.biglobe.ne.jp/~taiji/

Fan art Creative Club T.A.I.J.I. [x] http://taijimania.giveu.net/

TaijiMania [x] http://www.taijimania.org/english/

TaijiDo [x] http://www.taijido.com/