Freaky cool!

Taiji updated his website. Wonder whats up. Did anybody hear of any news? =)
Try clicking around. Its interesting but all in Korean. I guess its for the upcoming movie.

edit. oh never mind. It is. I guess its been there for a while, but its new to me. Sorry. >_
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Member Registration

Hi all =)

First entry here kkk

I'd like to know if someone has already subscribed to the fan community into seotaiji.com website -> https://security.seotaiji.com/user/real_intro1.html
I tried a few days ago and it did not work because when I clicked OK and then English it told me that the page could not be found, same for the Japanese one. Only the Korean page works but I can't understand it...

Do you have any tips ?
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starbucks + bear = <3

Taiji fishing sighting

First post here! ^^

It looks like Taiji has been sighted fishing near chuja island (at least I think it's chuja island). 
Just thought I'll put this here: 

Happy belated birthday to Taiji!
Man never ages and this video is evidence of that! :D
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