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LOGAN/BLAIR music vid- Song : Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics

I think i'm finding a new addiction, heeeeee. It's the first crossover video i've made and i'm quite proud of it.

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Title: Logan and Blair
Clips: Gossip Girl S1, Veronica Mars S1,S2 AND S3, Moonlight S1
Song :Maybe Tomorrow by the Stereophonics
Summary: After breaking up with those who they loved because they couldn't accept their true nature, logan and blair realize that they don't have to change who they are to feel happy and in love. IF YOU WANT TO READ THE ENTIRE STORYLINE OF THE VIDEO, IT'S BEHIND THE CUT.
Notes: I'd love it if you watched the video in HIGH QUALITY, since the quality doesn't look all that great in Standard quality, at all.

If you don't want to watch it in high quality, then...

Entire Summary:
Logan and Blair are devastated after their break ups with Veronica and Nate. Both of them feel betrayed after all the effort they put in their relationships. Even though Logan is known as an all-around screw-up and jackass, he changed his ways but never got the recognition that he deserved from Veronica and Nate breaks up with Blair even though she forgave him for sleeping with Serena, because he had a wrong image of who she was truly.
Logan notices Blair one day and is both captivated and annoyed by her snarky behavior towards him, he soon realizes how alike they are after hearing a fight between Blair and Serena, in which Blair revealed how she felt about some of the most important aspects of her life. She realizes that he was listening and storms out, feeling embarrassed and humiliated.
She's angry that he knows the things she's most embarrassed about and decides to avoid all of his approaches thinking that he only wants to make her feel worse.

Thanks to his insistence, she noticed the interest he had for her and was able to see a side of him that was different from what others had described about him but she refuses to give in , scared that he was only infatuated and wouldn't like the way that she is just like Nate didn't.
That's until Logan gives a speech in front of a crowd, telling her that he wouldn't give up in the face of the love that he felt for her even though she was acting as if she didn't know. Blair is moved by his speech but is still insecure but Logan shows up later that night and tells her that he knows why she's scared because he had those same insecurities at one time, which makes her realize how they are equals in many ways. She's both Thrilled and excited at the prospect of dating logan and they both find in each other, someone that makes them feel free and loves them completely for who they are and wouldn't change anything.


Comments are really appreciated.

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