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2 fanvideos - Ryan/Taylor (The OC) & Edward/Bella (Twilight)

I haven't made fanvideos in ages,really. It's all thanks to my old computer so these are my first videos made with Sony Vegas 7.

I think they both look better if you watch them in high quality, they kind of look like crap if you don't, heh. XD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ryan/Taylor Don't dream it's over(Acoustic) by Crowded House
summary: It describes how Ryan and Taylor's relationship evolved after Marissa's death. Starting from the slow hesitation to realizing how happy they are when they are with each other and how it will never be over for them.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Edward/Bella Into the night by the motorhomes
This is just a video i made based on Edward and Bella's story. There isn't much of a specific story in the video, it's simply based on them falling in love and Edward protecting Bella.
All clips thanks to edwardandbella.net

Comments are appreciated ;)
Tags: edward/bella, fanvideo, ryan/taylor, the oc, twilight

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