voldie/nix otp omg yesss. (dmitup) wrote in _heatxdamage,
voldie/nix otp omg yesss.

Kristiane's bio

phew, i'm done.

Kristiane is fantastic. She's from Massachusetts and she speaks English, Norwegian and she knows her Spanish! (Believe me, I love her for it:p)
She's a great person to talk to. She once denied me as her daughter but everything is okay now, I'm happy with her friendship.
She loves Firefly, Lost, Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, The O.C and now thanks to moi, she likes Dhani/Marie.(woot!)
I love her icons. She normally uses Adobe Photoshop CS but even when she uses Elements, her work is really good!
Be careful though, she uses sarcarsm and has a funky sense of humor.
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