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Apr. 9th, 2006 @ 11:15 am Hmm
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Since I know there isn't a link to it on the site... here is the link for the Graphics part ww.heather-hutchison.com. I know i did the icons and the banner/header thing at the bottom.. but i encourage anyone who has access to paint or anything like it (adobe, paint shop pro, painter canvas, fireworks.. ect.) to try to make some! its a great release to just do something for fun. and there are really no restrictions... just have it heather hutchison related :P

oh.. and on that note... if anybody has picys of heather... ^_^... could i use them ;) I have used just about ever picture on there that has her in it... and i'm looking for a few new pictures to make icons and a possible background out of.

.. oh.. if the link doesn't work for some reason.. here a post of the url: http://www.heather-hutchison.com/index.php?page=graphics
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