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_hearts_icons's Journal

Old timey, antique, Retro with a TwiSt
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THIS IS AN OPEN MEMBERSHIP JOINT. But please read the rules, they're all reasonable.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Think old things are cool? Think flappers are just the "bee's knees"? Love the pin-ups of the 40's 50's and 60's? Adore anything old and novel? Why not show your love of antiquity with an 100x100 icon? Why do I only speak in questions?

But there's just a few things we ask of you..

To Post & Share
1. Please just show 3 or 4 icons up front, any more than that please lj- cut.
2. If you have any requests (like if you want people to comment when they take, put your name in the pic keywords, etc. let them know of course.)

*not currently being taken*
1. Just leave the picture you want used in an lj cut, and be very specific.
2. If you're filling the request leave a comment immediately so no one else makes another.

To Take an icon
1. Please save to your computer, no hot-linking.
2. Read the maker's requests, everyone is different, some are pickier than others..
3. It would be just bitchin' if you gave us a little plug, but its not totally necessary.

As for Promoting here, you can as long as you do only one or two once a week. This really isn't a promoting community, but I figured hey, if you promote yours here, maybe you'll be nice and promote this one elsewhere!

created May 21st 2005 by crazyheart