mod // *it's closing time...close all the windows, lock all the doors, we won't be comin back*

Well dahlins. I kept it (it, being the community) because the majourity wanted _heartmusic to stay around... Buuut, nothing has happened and no one has been doing anything... So it will be deleted, unless someone wants to take the community as their own. Let me know within 2 days if you want it.

It's been fun, love to all.

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ringing in my ears =)

Last night was the Chevelle concert. It was fucking awesome. Strata, Future Leaders of The World, Crossfade and Helmet (in that order) also played. Everyone put on a great show and the best part was that I was front row! Which would explain why my ears are still ringing. It was worth it though. I hadn't heard a lot of Helmet before the concert but now I am in love. They were so awesome. It is the perfect music to have sex to. =P The lead singer for Future Leaders of The World was sick so his voice was a little funky. But they still did awesome.

Anyway, I got a Crossfade play list and a Chevelle guitar pick.. =)

Now i am just waiting for the Breaking Benjamin concert..... *waits*



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in celebration...

In celebration of just being made co-mod I have decided to do a theme.

The themes for this week (or couple weeks):
1. Pictures of things you collect
2.Pictures or cute/funny stories of your pets

I will post mine shortly.

Don't forget to promote!
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MOD // update

Hey people,

We have a Co-Mod now, facelessangel. So, be on the lookout for her doing updates and new themes and whatnot. You can tell we need one because I still have an icon from Christmas time heh.

Keep Promoting.

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mod // we're stayin'...

There are only about 4 people, maybe 5 who actually stay active in here haha and 3 said "yes" and one said that they were undecided. SOOOO.. It's staying. I'm going to go with someone's advice and put up an application for Co-Mod.

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Okay. Have fun :o)

luff yew.
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