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advertising can be fun! [03 Jan 2006|10:27pm]



dooo itttt
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mod // *it's closing time...close all the windows, lock all the doors, we won't be comin back* [05 Mar 2005|10:53pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Well dahlins. I kept it (it, being the community) because the majourity wanted _heartmusic to stay around... Buuut, nothing has happened and no one has been doing anything... So it will be deleted, unless someone wants to take the community as their own. Let me know within 2 days if you want it.

It's been fun, love to all.


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[01 Mar 2005|01:53pm]

Well i've tried to wake up the community.. but since no one else is bothering to be active (esp the ones who said to keep the community going)

I'm leaving.
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ringing in my ears =) [17 Feb 2005|01:01pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Last night was the Chevelle concert. It was fucking awesome. Strata, Future Leaders of The World, Crossfade and Helmet (in that order) also played. Everyone put on a great show and the best part was that I was front row! Which would explain why my ears are still ringing. It was worth it though. I hadn't heard a lot of Helmet before the concert but now I am in love. They were so awesome. It is the perfect music to have sex to. =P The lead singer for Future Leaders of The World was sick so his voice was a little funky. But they still did awesome.

Anyway, I got a Crossfade play list and a Chevelle guitar pick.. =)

Now i am just waiting for the Breaking Benjamin concert..... *waits*



what is that ringing??Collapse )

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MOD // tiny update and promo [07 Feb 2005|03:23pm]

Thanks & congrats to the co-mod :o).

I'll try to get in on the theme myself, my computer is still half-way pre-formatted, I'm waitin on a Windows disk.

check out:

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theme [01 Feb 2005|10:55pm]

[ mood | cold ]

oh boy, here goes nothing!Collapse )

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co-mod//theme [01 Feb 2005|07:46pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Ohhh so theme =)


collections and critters Collapse )

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in celebration... [01 Feb 2005|07:03pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

In celebration of just being made co-mod I have decided to do a theme.

The themes for this week (or couple weeks):
1. Pictures of things you collect
2.Pictures or cute/funny stories of your pets

I will post mine shortly.

Don't forget to promote!

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MOD // update [01 Feb 2005|06:14pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey people,

We have a Co-Mod now, facelessangel. So, be on the lookout for her doing updates and new themes and whatnot. You can tell we need one because I still have an icon from Christmas time heh.

Keep Promoting.


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mod // we're stayin'... [27 Jan 2005|05:49pm]

There are only about 4 people, maybe 5 who actually stay active in here haha and 3 said "yes" and one said that they were undecided. SOOOO.. It's staying. I'm going to go with someone's advice and put up an application for Co-Mod.

co-loveCollapse )

Okay. Have fun :o)

luff yew.
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mod // poll [25 Jan 2005|09:11pm]

Okay, guys.

School has been insane this year, and I don't really have much time to be on the computer like 3 hours total a week pretty much.

Everyone here is pretty individualistic, which is most likely not the right word to use here, but I've decided to put up a poll to see if you guys want to keep the community or should I shut it down?

Just put your votes "yes" or "no" on a comment to this post. I'll 'tally' them up after everyone's voted and well yeah, then do whatever was the majourity.


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mod//update [12 Jan 2005|09:47pm]

Hello Dahlins,

pimpshitz is officially banned from the community. I was not going to do it, because it would be child-ish. But, his last post was about me and I have not even mentioned what was going on in anywhere in Live Journal- not even on my personal EL JAY.

If you have any further questions on my decision, post a comment.

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[08 Jan 2005|09:07am]

PromoCollapse )
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mod//promo [31 Dec 2004|04:21pm]

Thanks to whomever started up a new theme.

promoCollapse )
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r3z0l00sh!0nz [31 Dec 2004|01:42pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

  • get a job
  • lose some excess weight
  • of course the usual 'get a bf' one
  • retie the ties with nick
  • get less lazy
  • keep my room clean
  • bug my mom about sheet-rocking the room
  • be less lazy with schoolwork
  • i guess be more .. optimistic and open minded
  • etc.
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mod//theme [31 Dec 2004|01:37pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

x Lose weight
x Get my restricted since I'm definantly too old to just have gotten my permit!
x Get a job
x Stop trying to get back a certain someone.

Happy New Year!!!!

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[30 Dec 2004|11:14pm]

to get a new job, and not get grounded... all the time
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[30 Dec 2004|11:31pm]

[ mood | bored ]

What are everybody's new years resolutions?


this can be a theme.

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MOD//promo [28 Dec 2004|08:47pm]

love me?

[28 Dec 2004|02:29pm]

check out in highschool there are no fieldtrips

check out the harvest and this is rocket science...

its my friends band and idk i thought some of you might like it<3 feel free to voice ur opinion.
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