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Resting in the chests of every human being is an organ with the capacity to conquer our brains., The capacity to ruin our lives, and the capacity to pronounce of living bodies…dead. This organ, better known as a heart, is in short what keeps us moving thinking...and most importantly loving. Love…we are all capable of loving a person, being in love, making love. The heart Book is the place to write it all down. Share the one thing that keeps us all connected, tell the world about YOUR heart. Are you in love? Not in love? Hate love? Want to be in love? Just broke up? Spill everything in the heart book. Poems, photos, art, songs, anything about love & your heart are welcome here.


1. Absolutely no drama. You will be banned, no questions asked.

2. Be respectful. You may not agree with a persons post, but its not your heart. Everyone loves in a different way.

3. If posting photos they must be under 400x400, or put them under a cut.

4. If you do not want someone outside of the community seeing what you post here, there is always the friends only option. You are welcome to use it.

5. Be as honest as possible

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