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Hi Everyone!!

well.... hmm...where to begin? I decided to make this community because i was growing very frustrated with how some of the other SI support communities were turning out. They were not as supportive as i'd hoped; and i'd gotten out of them as much as i thought possible at this point. I know what it's like to want support and make that post in desperation of SOMEONE out there replying with "i understand." ....And if that's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place. This community will offer support and understanding (as much as we can give) and feel free to take a look at the user info page, where it will give the rules for posting and where you will be able to (at the top of the page) click "join community" if you wish to.

Whether you've clicked on one of the interests that's led ya here, or you just stumbled upon this community "by accident" .... It's a good place to be if support's what ya need. So, without further talking-just-cause-i'm-up-at-3am-jibber-jabber.......WELCOME!!!

Introduce yourself, what you're going through, and how you're handling it thus far. I'm askin how you are..... and i AM ready for the answer :)

Supportive love,