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Day One.

Day one of all- out positive thinking.

Holy shit! life sucks!!!!! I got some news today that means this months rent is $75 more. Damn that's gonna put a huge dent in my pocket. No wonder i can't ever get ahead! ugh... i'm never gonna finally be able to SAVE money. This truly truly truly sucks. DAMN.


Damn. I'm gonna have to fork out an extra $75 dollars out of my next paycheck. That's truly a sucky thing... BUT, i'd be paying more if i was living elsewhere, and this is the cheapest rent i'd be able to find out there, for sure. Plus i have a very understandable landlord. I told him i wouldn't be able to pay him till the 4th of the month... and you know what he said? "You're credit is good with me.".... i was like awwwwwwwwww lol. I live in a very comfortable house, i have the cutest kitten (who has ear mites.... my poor baby) pretty cool neighbors, a big yard for the kids to run around in.... i have it pretty damned good here. $75 dollars extra just for this month? hell... why should i complain about that??

Its HOT outside. But i don't have to be out there. It's sucky that i have to work tonight.... but i HAVE a job.... I haven't seen my bestest friend in AGES... but i HAVE a bestest friend.

Ok this positivity thing is getting on my nerves now... enough for today. :) Supportive Love, Amy

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