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Don't overlook this entry!!!

Hey y'all.

I'm posting this on behalf of one of my new lj friends. She just found out today that her mom has cancer. She is devasted, but what makes the situation worse is that her mom is not local, and she doesn't have the money to go and see her mom. I am asking all of my lj friends to find it in their hearts to help send this lady to be with her mom during this hard time. Please, ANYTHING you can give..... 1 dollar, 5 dollars... ANYTHING. it all goes towards getting her to see her mom. I will have her post in my journal after recieving this gift, and you will be able to understand how important it is to her to be with her mother right now. Her mother is very scared, and her daughter is a wreck.

If you can find it in  your hearts to give ANYTHING, i'm sure she would appreciate it greatly.... more than words could really say.

Any donations will be recorded (by your lj user name) unless you don't want it to be.

thanks in advance y'all... this means alot to me.

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