New and looking for support

Hey, I just found this community on a wim. I am trying to change myself for the better and I need support. Im so sick and tired of being depressed but I dont know how to get out of it. Ive been dealing with this for years.My journal kinda explains everything. So I will post here a lot with questions and I look forward to sharing. I hope the feeling is mutual
You've pissed me off...big mistake...


I've been feeling empty. I can't even talk to my friends, I just sit there not saying anything. I feel bad because usually I'm talkative and I can say pretty much anything to start a conversation. I don't want my friends to think that I'm trying to push them away.


I am new to this community. I'm going through a bit of a hard time though some people might view it as trivial.
I graduated from college in May of '06. Between May and August, everything was okay because I was working summer security as an on-call and the gave me a room to stay in. I moved into my apartment in August and here's what has happened since then:

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I think this community is a blessing.  Even if I only make a couple posts a month or so, I can let stuff off my chest.
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hellooooooooo out there??

Hello members.

I'm Amy, one of this community's moderators; and as I was sifting through my journal communities, i realized that this community hasn't been updated in quite some time. I wondered why that was... so, i thought i'd write an entry to see how everyone's doing...?

So, if anyone cares to share, please jump in and do so!!!!!

I'd love to jump in and give my update, but until i know that even keeping this community open is relevant.... i'll wait.
So, people.... shall we continue on????

Awaiting the response of those out there still interested........

Supportive love,

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hi there my name is asis. i am 42 divorced. i am bi-polar/borderline personailty. i have three grown kids. i live in northern Michigan. i will be moving to lower Michigan soon to be close to family a better support system and gett better help with the bi-polar. i am currently off all meds by choice. am doing this with full support from friends that keep in touch with me severeal times a day and thru diet and expsercize. more updates soon. thanks asis

Need advise

Hello I am very worried about my Mother. She has bipolar and is not doing well. She lives a few states away and I am disabled and also have an Autistic son so I am unable to get to her. She was doing well on her medications but she started to get a very bad rash from it and also lost her insurance. Now because she has to pay for her medications she is on only a couple and they are not working. She is very mixed up and at times feels that she is living as she was about 10 years ago. She at times thinks I am 10 again and she is making things up out of the blue and believes they are true. She lives in Az. and I am trying to find her help. I have been surfing the net all day and have found nothing yet!! But I am still looking. If anyone knows of a number I can call or if there are county hospitals that can help her please let me know!!! Thank You, Shann
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New stuff.

Hello out there!!!!!!!

Well, it's been a while since this community has thrived.... i'd like to see it alive again.... so please, update people!! :)

Well, alot has happened since my last update here in this journal... but it's wayyyyyyyyy too much to cover in a single (or 20) updates, so i'm just gonna move onto the more recent stuffs.

I posted an update in my regular journal this morning about unsent letters i needed to 'write', and about other stuffs... it felt very relieving to do so... i'd reccommend 'unsent letters' to anyone.

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I guess this entry is WAY long enough, so i'll stop here. I really do hope that people start updating here more often.... i'd like to see this community revived.

Supportive Love,
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Holy Fox

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Since I haven't wrote on here latley I have some good news to inform you about;
1. Me and my ex broke up
2. I'm dating a new kid
3. He excepts me for me and all my problems

Now for the bad;
1. I was pregnet with my ex's kid and then he killed it
2. I've been cutting alot
3. I found out that the 'friend' of mine that raped me gave me hiv/aids
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