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Change of date for the November meetup

Hi everyone!

Our last meeting for the year is coming up on the 15th of November. It was meant to be a day earlier but there was a mix-up with bookings at the cafe.

Date: Sunday 15th of November
Time: 2pm to dinner
Place: Mars Hill Cafe, 331 Church St Parramatta (near the river)

Hope to see you there - our exhibition will still be up, too!

Much stuff is afoot in June!

Comikaze 09

First order of business: it's almost time for Comikaze24, where a bunch of us attempt to draw a 24-page comic in as many hours! Festivities are over the Queen's Birthday long weekend, so it's time to start figuring out where you'll be working on those pages!

Zine Workshops, click for a PDF!

If you live in Blacktown and are between the ages of 15 and 24, perhaps you would be interested in the upcoming zine workshop series at the Blacktown Arts Centre! Said workshops are being taught by zine master/baron Leigh Rigozzi, so you know they're gonna be good. The workshops run on three Saturdays, starting from June 6, from 11am to 1pm. They're free but you will need to sign up for the full program by calling Kate on 9839 6385.

Other bits: our next meetup is on the 13th of June at the Mars Hill Cafe and Supanova Sydney is from the 26th to the 28th of June. Crazy things are happening at Creative Sydney in the next couple of weeks. If you aren't a member of Comics Lifestyle or We Make Zines yet, you should go take a look!

Hayase! meetup dates for 2009

Sorry about the late post! We had a few communication difficulties with the cafe but all is well now.

Here are the dates for the rest of the year:

Sun 22 Mar
Sat 18 Apr
Sun 17 May
Sat 13 Jun
Sun 19 Jul
Sat 22 Aug
Sun 20 Sep
Sun 18 Oct
Sat 14 Nov

I'll update the site by this weekend at the latest. If any community members who have/do/will come to meetups want a link to their websites, just let me know!

Meetup dates for 2008!

That's right, we aren't dead! Our meetups for the rest of the year are booked, so rock up if you can on any or all of the following dates:

Sunday 9 March
Sunday 20 April
Sunday 18 May
Sunday 15 June
Sunday 20 July
Sunday 17 August
Sunday 21 September
Sunday 12 October
Sunday 16 November

As always, meetups are held upstairs at the Mars Hill Cafe, 331 Church Street, Parramatta from 2pm onwards.

We're going for Sundays this year to ensure that anyone who drives can park for free; wherever possible I have also tried not to clash with local conventions or events. See you on the 9th of March!

August meetup this weekend

It's time for the usual (late) reminder - this month's meetup is this Saturday the 25th of August. We'll be upstairs downstairs at the Mars Hill Cafe, 331 Church Street, Parramatta from 2pm onwards. See you there!

ETA: There's actually a band competition happening that day, so we'll probably be downstairs! Don't walk right past us, y'hear?!

July meetup reminder

Sorry about the late reminder this month - the July meetup is tomorrow (28 July) at 2pm at the Mars Hill Cafe. We'll be sorting out our table arrangements for Supanova at this meetup, as well as transport for SMASH!, payment for Under The Blue Moon and registration for at least another three zine fairs, so we've got plenty to talk about already...!

If you're an artist working in the Western Sydney area, you still have a few days left to submit your details to the Artfiles directory. Inclusion in the directory is free!

Confirmed meeting dates, projects page

Hi everyone,

Here are the final dates for our 2007 meetups - these have now been confirmed with the cafe so we shouldn't see any more clashes.

Sunday 20 May
Saturday 30 June
Saturday 28 July
Saturday 25 August
Saturday 22 September
Sunday 21 October
Sunday 18 November

All meetings are held at the Mars Hill Cafe, 331 Church Street Parramatta, from 2pm onwards.

The website also has a projects page listing upcoming events and projects a bunch of us are involved in. If you watch the comm or the website, please consider submitting to Hayazine! in time for the 25th of May (Sydney Writers' Festival edition) or for late September (This Is Not Art edition).

Lastly, don't forget to add your (and your comics') info to the wiki if it isn't already there!

Big update!

The Hayase! website has gotten a sorely needed overhaul this weekend. Thank you to caleyndar for her persistent reminders and to evilhayama for figuring out S2 and journal embedding, thus retaining my sanity.

If you think you should have been included in our links list and I've forgotten you, feel free to e-slap me and tell me where to link to (with a 200x40 banner if possible). If you're on the list as a text link but would prefer a banner, let me know about that too! This goes without saying, but if you're a comic creator and you're not in the wiki, add yourself to the Creators page and create a short bio - that's what it's there for.

We've moved the IRC chatroom to AustChat because AustNet was screwing up for a lot of people (myself included). If you'd like to join the chatroom, point your IRC client of choice at irc.austchat.net and join #hayase.

And finally, this is a reminder that this month's meetup is on Saturday the 24th, which happens to be an election day. If you need to vote on the way to the meetup, the closest polling booth is in Parramatta Town Hall.

Meetups for 2007

Here are the meetup dates for this year:

Saturday 24 February
Saturday 24 March
Sunday 29 April
Sunday 27 May
Sunday 24 June
Saturday 28 July
Saturday 25 August
Saturday 22 September
Sunday 28 October
Sunday 25 November

I'm still waiting for confirmation from the cafe, but if anything changes I'll post here again.

These dates are also stored in our web calendar, if that's your kind of thing! I'll add conventions and other events of interest to the calendar and wiki during the year as well.