Big update!

The Hayase! website has gotten a sorely needed overhaul this weekend. Thank you to caleyndar for her persistent reminders and to evilhayama for figuring out S2 and journal embedding, thus retaining my sanity.

If you think you should have been included in our links list and I've forgotten you, feel free to e-slap me and tell me where to link to (with a 200x40 banner if possible). If you're on the list as a text link but would prefer a banner, let me know about that too! This goes without saying, but if you're a comic creator and you're not in the wiki, add yourself to the Creators page and create a short bio - that's what it's there for.

We've moved the IRC chatroom to AustChat because AustNet was screwing up for a lot of people (myself included). If you'd like to join the chatroom, point your IRC client of choice at and join #hayase.

And finally, this is a reminder that this month's meetup is on Saturday the 24th, which happens to be an election day. If you need to vote on the way to the meetup, the closest polling booth is in Parramatta Town Hall.

Meetups for 2007

Here are the meetup dates for this year:

Saturday 24 February
Saturday 24 March
Sunday 29 April
Sunday 27 May
Sunday 24 June
Saturday 28 July
Saturday 25 August
Saturday 22 September
Sunday 28 October
Sunday 25 November

I'm still waiting for confirmation from the cafe, but if anything changes I'll post here again.

These dates are also stored in our web calendar, if that's your kind of thing! I'll add conventions and other events of interest to the calendar and wiki during the year as well.

Young Blood: Designers Market

A little late for stalls, but something to keep in mind for next year...

6.00-9.00pm, Friday 11 August
8.00am-5.00pm, Saturday 12 August
Part of Sydney Design 06, 10th International Design Festival, 5 – 20 August 2006

After the enormous success of last year’s inaugural Young Blood: Designers Market, this year’s event returns for an extended two days during Sydney Design 06.
The Powerhouse Museum’s Level 3 courtyard will once again be transformed into a veritable feast for the senses, with over 60 stalls, plus food, refreshments and entertainment. Young Blood showcases original design, from fashion to furniture, jewellery, graphic, product, landscape and lighting design, and gives visitors the opportunity to meet the makers and talk about their work. The inaugural markets in 2005 proved to be a great launch pad for many designers who benefited greatly from the exposure and sales.

Calling all designers interested in applying for a stall
Download the entry form and return your application to the Powerhouse Museum.
This is your chance to get noticed in a high profile festival environment.

Stich N' Bitch in Manly

Yes, this is rather random, but figured there might be a few keen knitters who might be watching this and lives on the other side of the bridge.

Trying to restart the Manly Stich n' Bitch meeting group again for all you keen knitters in the north side of the bridge. If you know anyone who likes a good old yarn shared while drinking a beer or two over two knitting needles, let them know.

Details are:

Date: 11th of July 2006
Time: 7.15pm onwards
Place: Manly Wharf Hotel
Bring: your knitting

This weekend

Hi everyone!

Saturday: kozyndan are doing a book signing at the Outre Gallery from 1-3pm, so a bunch of us are going along to check it out. BUNNIES.

Sunday: Hayase! meetup, 2pm, Mars Hill Cafe (as usual). The exhibition's just finished so be prepared to take your work home, or at least let me know that I should be hanging on to it for you! Anyone who's sold their work should be able to collect their payment from the cafe.
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Hi all,

Updates the site with correct dates for the rest of the year, as well as finally, finally changing the template of the gallery page to go with the rest of the site. Begging anyone who have photos to share from TINA and the like to email them to Pirochan or I to update. (Arabel? I know you have heaps of photos somewhere).

Also, if anyone feels like donating images for the site's website template, it would be bloody brilliant. Gifs preferred and it can be anything...