Pirorororo~ (fluffyduck) wrote in _hayase,

Big update!

The Hayase! website has gotten a sorely needed overhaul this weekend. Thank you to caleyndar for her persistent reminders and to evilhayama for figuring out S2 and journal embedding, thus retaining my sanity.

If you think you should have been included in our links list and I've forgotten you, feel free to e-slap me and tell me where to link to (with a 200x40 banner if possible). If you're on the list as a text link but would prefer a banner, let me know about that too! This goes without saying, but if you're a comic creator and you're not in the wiki, add yourself to the Creators page and create a short bio - that's what it's there for.

We've moved the IRC chatroom to AustChat because AustNet was screwing up for a lot of people (myself included). If you'd like to join the chatroom, point your IRC client of choice at irc.austchat.net and join #hayase.

And finally, this is a reminder that this month's meetup is on Saturday the 24th, which happens to be an election day. If you need to vote on the way to the meetup, the closest polling booth is in Parramatta Town Hall.
Tags: chat, irc, meetups, website, wiki

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