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Haunted Night

Fair Haven

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NOTICE: This Game is now closed as of 04/09/06.

Welcome to Fair Haven.

Located on a small New England island, the town of Fair Haven is like that of any north American town with one exception. It is located on a lay line of power which causes strange and unusual things to happen there. Recently a number of creatures have found themselves transported there, plucked straight from their lives and placed into Fair Haven. No one quiet understands why or how this happened but one similarity has become apparent. All of these creatures have been touched by evil.
Some of them are average people who have come in contact with evil forces before and played the hero. Others are creatures who have been contaminated by evil, so much so that they are driven to kill, the ones who have been considered the villains.

On the island the two groups, hero's and villains, will struggle against one another. The heros fight for survival. The villains fight for the kill. And so begins the game.

Please note, this is an adult horror RPG.It is based on horror movies, or at least that is where the characters come from. There will be violence, death, sex, drugs and other mature subject matter. If you can't get into a horror movie without an adult with you then don't bother applying.

Now, while violence and mature themes are allowed in this game, pornography, hate literature, bigotry and other asshole-like behavior is not allowed. Do it and be banned.

To be part of this game there are three things you must do before joining. These are very important so don't bother applying if you do not do these three simple steps.

1st- check out the Rules

2nd - check out the town layout and map here

3rd - send in an application. For application forms go here

Also you may wish to check out the character list to see which characters are available.