Felicia Abers (_lady_midnight) wrote in _haunted_night,
Felicia Abers

In the Library

Continued from Here

"I believe you are mistaken...The house we woke up in was in this area"

Mina frowned. She started to speak, ready to inform Nathaniel that she was quite sure of their former location. It seemed as if he had the same inclination but stopped.

"We have taken it for granted that we awoke in the same dwelling"

Mina blinked and followed the man's hand to where he was gesturing.

"Of course," she breathed, mouth becoming an 'O'

"I remember walking into town--seems like ages ago-- and seeing this building from this angle...I had noticed it laid beyond a large brick building here"

Mina released her shard into Nathaniel's possession, stepping back and watching as he added to her crude design.

"I wasn't inside that one but I believe Freddy had been in there. He said something about it being..dead. Hm. Did he mean undead creatures? Such as the ones Shaun and yourself encountered?"

Mina shuddered slightly, thinking about those rotting beings again.

"I certainly hope not. An entire building of those things would be less than ideal." She watched with interest as he continued to engrave a path then another structure onto the desk. Apparently it was the home he had woken up in....on the other side of Fair Haven from the one she, Jeryline, and Mr. Skinner had found themselves in. Curious.

</i>"Tell me, the building you awoke in, what did it look like?"</i>

"Red," Mina said almost immediately. The walls had been a lovely red shade, a large front window, cozy library--Where Mr. K visited you... Before she could speak more and clear that bad memory from her mind, Nathaniel hissed.


He had cut his finger. He...had cut...

The vampire's blue gaze slowly travelled from the desk where a speck of human blood remained up to the blond man's face where he protectively sucked on his wound...

"... did you not cut up your own fingers?"


"Ah, of course you heal faster. I forgot"

"Yes! Yes.." Mina tried to recapture her sense of self but his blood...it did smell rather nice, rare even. No. She had been very good as of late. Before waking up in Briar Cliff she had not fed directly for some time and now--First that Boy! and now- and now...I told him I would not!

"Healing ?" Mina murrmurred, glancing up into Nathaniel's dark eyes. "Yes, I do heal quickly." She looked down at her own fingertips that had bled all over the wood. They were perfect now, as perfect as they were when she was twenty. He should not bear any new scars. His lovely hands...warm hands..

Mina felt a flush rise to her cheeks, and the words rapidly fell from her mouth.

"I could heal you, for a taste."

[Open to Warlock and Jeryline and anyone else who enters the library.]
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