Yuri Ivanov (god_understands) wrote in _haunted_night,
Yuri Ivanov

Behind the Church/In the Woods {{{CLOSED}}}

Caleb was not pleased with the current turn of events and he showed it with every limping step he took, walking atop the unkempt graves purely out of spite, scowling over his shoulder every so often and almost wishing that the man from the church would run after him. Caleb wanted to hit something; something made of flesh and bone.

There was a thick line of forest behind the church and it's cemetery (which seemed to go on forever, giving Caleb another reason to sneer in contempt) and the teacher headed towards it's welcoming shadow. Christ he needed to piss, and there was no fucking way he zip down out in the open.

The appearance of Blondie and Mr Boy Scout had thouroughly put a damper on any hard thoughts he may have been having while seated between Dorothy's precious gams, so the stirring in his loin wasn't as pleasurable as Caleb had wished it.

Even with his wool sweater Caleb felt slightly chilled and he wondered if there was a bar around someplace where he'd be able to warm up, or perhaps find more suitable company. He looked up into the grey sky and rolled his eyes in disgust. How dare that bitch presume to think that he'd ever be in danger from a woman?! He should have taken Dorothy with him--

That was it! After he relieved himself in the privacy of the woods he'd go find that little tease and make her finish what she started. Caleb kicked a piece of broken grave marker and smiled as it disappeared into the trees.

Things were looking up.

{Open to Brigitte}
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