Lenore Dursk (lenore_dursk) wrote in _haunted_night,
Lenore Dursk

The Church {{CLOSED}}

"She's at the church. She told me she was away at school, studying music before...before arriving here".

"Well that's lucky", Lenore replied but she couldn't help the small smile that came in response. They were lucky, she could've been anywhere and Lenore had been starting to think that this would probably turn out to be a wild goose chase. A little too lucky when you think about, she admitted but she kept that to herself, as well as the weird feeling the church was giving her. Why is she playing? That in itself didn't seem right to Lenore, at least it wasn't what she would be doing in a situation like this. To each his own, she thought as she and Willard walked toward the church when Lenore noticed some disturbance on the grass just off from the steps. She stopped and frowned as she looked at the trampled grass but that wasn't what had her frowning or moving to look closer. There were droplets of blood on the grass, mixed in with the rain and Lenore would swear it looked as if something had been dragged through the grass.

Whose blood is it? Lenore wondered as she backed up into Willard who had been behind her. "Sorry..we should go get Dorothy", she murmured before turning toward the steps and entering the church. The music masked the sound of the doors opening but Lenore thought she heard voices. As she moved down the aisle, Lenore spotted Dorothy first. The young brunette's head was down, looking at the organ Lenore first thought but then she saw him. Shock coursed through Lenore who stopped and blinked a few times, not believing what she was seeing. It was pretty apparent she and Willard had just walked in on something, something which Lenore never expected to see in a church.

She looked at the blond head of the man between Dorothy's legs, who looked a good deal older than Dorothy from where she was standing. Lenore heard a startled noise from Willard next to her which alerted the pair at the organ. Okay, the best thing is to keep cool. She doesn't look hurt or scared, Lenore thought. Really embarrassed, yeah definitely but this.. I don't know what to make of this. Lenore walked up toward the organ, her arms crossed and a look of disbelief across her face as she came closer to them.

"So what the hell is going on here?" she asked in a tight voice, looking between Dorothy and the stranger. "Little choir practice?" Her voiced dripped with sarcasm. "How 'bout you get up from there now, hmm?" she said to Caleb, a tight little smile on her face but it was a none too friendly look that she gave him.

{Open to Dorothy, Caleb, and Willard}

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