Rodney Skinner (_skinner) wrote in _haunted_night,
Rodney Skinner

Leaving Briar Cliff [[[Closed]]]

Skinner had waited a minute outside the water closet before he grunted and knocked on the door. Feckin' pouff is probably stuck to the mirror...

The Frenchman exited with a grin.

"Oh you needn't get all dressed up for me"

Skinner snorted, tried again to fasten the jacket, failed and gave up.

"Keep it in yer pants ya wanker."

"Come on, one good deed down, one left and then that's it for me. I really didn't expect to be playing governess to anyone here"

Rodney felt the same way. Being shoved into the League was one thing as it seemed like everyone could look out for themselves...Even Mina 'ad 'er feckin' respectability....but watching out for drunken wankers had not been on Skinner's list of things to do today.

"It would be best to try and trace her footsteps...Otherwise, how else are we to find her?"

"Smartest thing you've said all day Frenchie," Skinner muttered as they walked back into the kitchen. "...Wot the bloody 'ell!"

The coutertop had been cleared of glasses and the remnants of their previous activities. The stools had been replaced, the wood looked washed...even the smell of vomit and rum had disappeared.

Standing a little in shock for a moment Skinner glanced at Nicholas and nodded.

"Yeh, chasin' after an angry werewolf seems like the best course of action right now." And with that he proceeded to the back door, opened it wide and stepped out into the damp, grey world. Just like 'ome...

[Open to Nicholas and Skinner]
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