Michael Schwartz (_lostwithouther) wrote in _haunted_night,
Michael Schwartz

The Bar: Nightsounds

Mike sat next to Jen holding on to her silently scolding himself for letting this all happen to her. As the brothers headed up the stairs Mike gave them the dirtiest look he could muster. They were both terrible people in his mind. Richie for having done this to Jen and Seth for not doing anything to stop it.

He had to know how his brother was but didn't do anything to stop him from being with the others. Mike hated the brothers now and would have done anything to let Seth know that Mike's amicable nature had changed to the hate that burned in side of the young man. He gritted his teeth as the brothers left and he wished so much to run after them and punish Richie.

Epps said something but Mike paid no mind to her as he now put blame on the woman and the young man she had as her companion. They had left Jen downstairs with the monster that had caused her this pain and he would never be able to be nice to them for it.

But the person he blamed the most was himself as he would never be able to forgive himself for letting her go down there alone...or at least without him. How would he have known that a rapist was in the bar and going to attack his beloved twin. He couldn't let himself be forgiven though. He would never let Jen out of his reach again. As well as he could manage he would be hand and hand with her every step of the way back home.

"You poor thing,"

Mike's attention shot to Eva as she moved back to the table. She was now the only person in the bar who was not on Mike's shit list and she would be the only person he would talk to now.

The others left and the only people left were the three of them. "How could I let this happen to you?" he asked himself out loud looking at Jen's trembling hand that he held as tears of anger and fear filled his eyes.

{Open to: Eva, Jen, and anyone else who decides to enter the bar. Please still put upstairs and downstairs to make sure things are still clear.}
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