March 11th, 2006

please don't insist

Leaving Briar Cliff

Would the woman think she was foolish for suggesting they leave? Mary hoped not and was rewarded with Sarah's acquiescence.

"No, you're right. We can't just stay here and let whatever's out there find us. We have to get out of here and the the only way to do that is back in town I'm betting."

Mary nodded vigorously. While her first instincts had always been to hide when trouble came near, the redhead could admit--at least to herself--that she wasn't good at it. Things, people, would find her in the end. Her father, Edward... It's better to know what's in the shadows.

"Should we go get Seamus and Peter or--or are we safer on our own. God, how much do you know about either of them?"

Her hands suddenly squeezed tightly together. No! Absolutely not! Mary didn't want to go back and discuss this with those liars and- Drunks ? a bitter part of Mary's mind spoke up. She swallowed, not really knowing what to say. Earlier she would have said she knew them well enough, but after her conversation with Mister Barrie in the basement Mary realized how very naive she had been to take such knowledge as Gospel. However, Mary wasn't a mean spirited person, and her thoughts on the dark-haired man upstairs were more of sadness than anger.

"N-n-neither are what I thought them to be," she finally said. "I t-think we would be better on our own. At least we both want to find a way home."

She was relieved when Sarah agreed, and, after the brunette drained her glass, they proceeded back into the atrium. Out of habit the maid held the door open for the other woman, but before she stepped over the threshold she took the silver chain out of her pocket. Mary sighed and slipped it over the inner doorknob. It wasn't hers anymore, it never had been.

As she softly closed the door her brown eyes gazed down the misty path they had walked up earlier in the pouring rain. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"But where will we start?"

[Open to Sarah]