March 3rd, 2006


In a house (suburb section 1)***CLOSED***

Continued from here:

Isaiah Barras laid on the floor for hours, the black man had been knocked unconscious earlier by Sam Lemche after Isaiah had brutally murdered Nancy and attacked Epps. Only darkness filled his mind as he laid there on the carpeted floor, the blood from his broken dried on his face, his nose had been broken by a blow Epps had dealt him earlier. Slowly but surely, Isaiah became aware of his body again as he began to wake up. Sore and stiff, his head was ringing still and his nose was bloody and bruised, the flesh incredibly tender and painful to touch. Something that Isaiah learned as he brought his gloved hand to his face and felt the sting from the pressure of the touch. He swore under his breath as he struggled to sit up. What had happened to him?

Crimey, am I still 'ere? Isaiah glanced about his surroundings and recognized the old lady's house. Cat lady's house, he recalled Nancy's description, grimacing as he remembered what he did to Nancy. As more memories came back to him Isaiah's expression soured further. Sam and Epps, they saw me and they're still out there...oh jesus. He tried to get up then as a wave of fear and paranoia swept into his mind but his injuries forced him back on the floor. Christ, what was he gonna do now?

I gotta do somethin' this nose, that's what I gotta do first, Isaiah realized as he briefly touched his nose again and hissed in pain. And Nancy, what about 'er? Can't just leave her here for anyone to find. He had fucked up on this one, that was for sure. Letting Epps and Sam get away like that, what was 'e thinkin'? Isaiah would have to find them again and he'd have to make sure they didn't talk. Probably told every bleeding bobby and Fed in sight by now, his mind rambled as he tried to climb to his feet again and was successful this time. Wait, there ain't nobody 'round here they can report me to, there ain't no coppers.

That made Isaiah feel a bit better about the situation but it didn't change a thing in his mind. Alright, deal with me nose first, then the bird upstairs and then I'll go look for the other two. With a plan in his head, Isaiah turned and headed back toward the kitchen in search of a rag or cloth of some sort for his nose.

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