February 13th, 2006

she knows!

Raven's Hollow/ Leaving Raven's Hollow

continued from Here

"And that is a beautiful ring. Even more so on that lovely hand of yours."

Mahette bit her lip and giggled. Apparently Vieux thought so too, though she frowned when he patted her hand. It's mine! Vous ne pouvez pas l'avoir. The man brought back memories of things she had tried to forget years ago, namely her grandparents, the ones who had raised her in the back woods of New Orleans. The ones she had killed. A smile replaced the frown on her face as she watched John leaf through the journal, thinking about Grandmere's purple lips, unaware of the man's ideas of putting her head in a metal trap.

She twirled around when Bouche began to laugh. Her grey orbs danced over his clean-shaven face as he chortled, tears coming to his eyes. Mahette looked once at Freedee, not knowing what had started this show, but she quickly caught on, giving a high-pitched laugh herself. If this was part of the game then Mahette was not going to be left out!

"Hmph, sounds like some little girl wants to make up stories if you ask me."

Mahette stopped, smiling broadly. She liked stories! Not ones from books, no, they were complicated and had no heart, especially the ones she had seen in the library, full of English words meant to torment her. What other little girls are here? She began to toss the leg bone Vieux had returned to her from one hand to another and leaned her back against the wall. What were they talking about ? It didn't matter, not with high ceilings to gaze up at. She jumped when John closed the book.

"This is a vital clue in the game."

"Est-il?" her eyes widened, hugging the bone to herself. Then she should know, yes? She had been doing so well.

"I am far in this game, Vieux," her smile shone. "Vous ne devez pas avoir peur. The house, it says the game is good." Mahette glanced at Freedee and Bouche, wondering for the first time how they were proceeding in this 'game'. Dropping the femur, she crossed her arms and drew her eyebrows close together in a look of confusion. "I am winning," she said simply.

[Open to Patrick, Freddy, John, and anyone else who enters Raven's Hollow.]