January 30th, 2006


The Hospital

Continued from here.

On the Second Floor.

May was pondering invisibility, the downsides and the upsides one would have in such a condition. The downsides were easy to see but May had to admit there was something about not being seen that appealed to her introvert nature. No one judges you when they can't see you, she thought calmly as she walked ahead of the others, unaware of their whispered comments.

"Invisible huh? Yeah, that must be difficult".

"Yes, but I think Sebastian found a fun side to it", May noted, a sudden giggle catching her as she remembered how touchy feely Sebastian had been. Had he not been invisible, perhaps May would've welcomed the gesture more but then the girl often enjoyed any contact she got as her life was a strange and lonely one.

"Don't humor her. May, get off whatever fucking drugs you're on, they're not helping ya babe".

A sour taste filled May's mouth as her eyes narrowed at Rain's words. "I'm not on any drugs", she retorted. "Sebastian was real! I saw him...well I didn't see him... but he was wearing clothes and clothes don't just float in the air". She stopped talking then and walked with the others in quiet anger. Rain wasn't her friend which was becoming abundantly clear and disappointment brought the faint glisten of tears to May's eyes. No, no, no, no! Stop it, stop crying like a little girl. This isn't elementary school anymore, she told herself.

"Well, at least we're heading in the right direction".

May looked at Charlie before following her gaze to the small sign bearing the words 'psychiatric ward'. She giggled that but the laughter died in her throat as she remembered how Adam had called her crazy. He wasn't the only one. Everyone thought there was something wrong with May but she learned herself that there was something wrong with everyone, not just her. Nobody's perfect. They weren't perfect yet I'm the one that got yelled at, the one they called a freak. They were freaks too. There are just different types of freaks, that's all. Rain's voice broke her train of thought when the latina started in on the orders again.

"Alright, let's split up again for another sweep of the area. Charlie, you come with me and Ash you go with May. Ash and May, check that area.."

Ash interrupted, arguing with and angering Rain which brought a smug feeling of spiteful pleasure into May, bringing a smile to her lips.

"Alright, fine. You take that corridor then. Charlie and I will go this way".

"Have fun and watch out for those zombies", May said to Rain sweetly before turning with a flare of her skirt and skipping after Ash into the darker hallway.

[Open to: Charlie, Rain, and anyone else who enters the hospital. Please put 2nd or 1st floor in the subject line of the comments to keep clear where you're too.]