January 27th, 2006

GS1: Together forever

In the forest behind the cemetery

[Continued from here and here.]

Brigitte snarled into the man's ruined flesh as she felt the stone in his hand bang against her head but after a few weak attempts to hurt her, his arm finally fell to the side and she could continue to eat in peace. She feasted on his insides ravenously, gulping down the muscle and tearing at the organs with her teeth. It just felt so good, so right that even Brigitte's inner voice was silenced by the pure satisfaction of the feeding.

But there was an insistent noise coming through the forest behind her and the scent of another like her that caused Brigitte to raise her blood stained muzzle from the dead man's body. Her long, pink tongue slipped out of her mouth and licked her lips, her sharp teeth, taking more of the blood into her mouth. Now that her hunger was placated, the beast was curious as to who was this other wolf that she smelled.

There were others here like her here, she could remember that but she was having trouble picturing them, her memories as a human were clouded by the wolf's mind. It didn't matter, she could easily find out for herself and with a last glance at blond man, Brigitte turned and headed back into the forest.

Whoever it was, was coming straight at her when it paused up ahead. She crawled through a clump of brushes to peer out between the leaves. Another man stood off a little way in the trees but even at this distance she knew he wasn't like the blond man. Smells like us, moves like us, the beast noted then she thought she heard another. Suddenly the other wolf was running, howling out is seemed to her.

Brigitte darted after him, her animal mind taking it as a game. He wants to play as well...

[Open to Skinner and Nicholas]